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Holiday Trading

The Holiday Season is a great time filled with family fun and gift giving. It is a time to relax, think about the past year and formulate your goals for the year ahead. It is a time to enjoy your family and friends, to have some great meals and maybe even a few drinks.

But, the Holiday’s is also a time where you can and should be making money. Money never sleeps and neither does MOJO.

MOJO ProTraders are well aware of the holiday trading traps and are more than equipped with the skills and knowledge required to profitably trade the holiday season. How?

During the holidays, you must be relaxed, patient and selective with your trading. The stock market has been volatile and crazy, so there is no need to take undue risk, especially during the holidays.

Take today’s trading for instance. The MOJO Day Trading Team was done trading and had completely wrapped up the day in 15 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, 15 minutes. In fact, the MOJO ProTraders have been done with “work” for hours now! Many of them have gone golfing, while others made arrangements to have some family fun! Life as a MOJO ProTrader is certainly grand indeed.

But think about how the MOJO Team accomplished this phenomenal day of trading in only 15 minutes. They followed the holiday trading rules of being relaxed, patient, and selective. At the open the MOJO Team nailed set ups in $BBRY and $RWLK. The entry points were executed flawlessly and the scaled out exits worked like a charm, as the whole MOJO Team reported getting their orders filled to maximize profits. After a short 15 minutes, the MOJO Team had wrapped up the day and collected their profits.

What happened next? “Why should we continue trading? What’s the point? We’ve made our money, hit our goals, so it’s time to wrap up the day and go enjoy the weekend!” Is that the correct thinking? As a business, man yes as a trader possibly not. Get the difference!

Take this message to heart. What did the MOJO ProTraders stand to gain by trading more? Nothing. They had already hit and surpassed their daily goals. The only thing that could happened is a loss, which is very likely according to MOJO Wave Theory and previously recorded tries at that scenario. There was no reason to continue to trade, so the MOJO Team all agreed to wrap it up and enjoy the long weekend!

  • Do you have the patience and self-discipline to beat the market during the volatile holiday season?

  • Do you have a coach or mentor to hold you accountable to your daily goals?

  • Do you have a trading caddie that will force you to log off and go enjoy the day when you’ve surpassed your daily goal?

Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly. 2016 is rapidly approaching and it is time to set your New Year’s Resolution. Are you going to continue 2016 as a losing trader? Or are you going to team up with ProTrader Mike and the MOJO Day Trading Team to finally be part of an elite level team of profitable traders?

If you want to take your trading to the next level for the New Year and establish your day trading business where you are the boss, you must attend next week’s MOJO Christmas Party Free Pass.

You are invited to trade with ProTrader Mike and the MOJO ProTrader for FREE on Monday 12/21, Tuesday 12/22 and Wednesday 12/23. Don’t miss out, this will be your favorite holiday gift!

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