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One of the best things about the stock market, is that certain events that can cause stock prices to spike or drop. These events happen several times each year.

Mark you calendars, December 14th the FOMC will meet and announce if they will change interest rates.

What does this mean for stocks?

Right now big money cannot get any interest in the $$$ due to low rates. Now if they raise rates the big $$ can take money out of market and get a decent return with no risk. Hence a huge drop in the market is possible.

Traders all over the world will tune in for the opportunity to make big $$$$ trading the outcome. MOJO ProTraders are ready for what could be the first increase in 2016, and a huge trading day.

Your invited to our awesome webinar:

2016 was fine but 2017 is mine, take your trading to a whole new level!!

Wednesday, December 21st @ 1:00 PM EST

Register now and get a welcome email with details about the webinar. If you go MOJO in 2017 and your small trader you will get bigger and if your a big trader you will get better. The MOJO Promise !

Join ProTrader Mike LIVE and he will help you get started. P.S. Don't let the next year pass you by without getting some MOJO in your portfolio!

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