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Repetition is the Key to Mastery

Each New Month MOJO University averages 10 new student traders and 20+ returning ProTraders. Why do ProTraders take the course repetitive so many times in a row? If your thinking about that ... it makes sense ...

The last Live Class of MOJO University was held in Feb 2018. The ProTraders that graduated are eager to take it for the second time and the seasoned ProTraders are ready to return for their third, fourth and fifth retakes. Please take a moment and read some of the testimonials I received from the 10 students last class and their Day Trading Business Motto's ... (that's homework assignment #1 ... get yourself a MOTTO)

Everyone at MOJO Day Trading Models themselves after ProTrader Alan ... a success story in itself. Owning a successful insurance business, but busting his ass to make it a million dollar a year business was a huge grind. He was looking for another way to supplement or replace his income with trading the markets but was not successful doing it himself. One day he found me on Twitter @ProTrader_Mike and we started a relationship that has now lasted over 7 years. Alan was the first student I trained one-on-one and the cost he paid me 7 years ago is the same cost for MOJO University today $2,000. Why do I do this?

Because as a business person if you were to outlay $2,000 for training in your mind you need to make $10,000 in profits as nice ROI on that investment or it's not really worth the time, energy and the money.

Most people that get educated never traded before or have been unsuccessful so putting a large price tag on my trading is counter productive and not affordable, realistic for most people. Now ProTrader Alan is currently on a win streak ... I asked him in August how long it has been running ... his answer 5 years now ... that's 5 years and over 1000 plus days folks and he took MOJO University 7 times!!

That's why he is a role model for all MOJO traders and Everyone at MOJO Day Trading Models themselves after ProTrader Alan. Saving the best for last is the University Rebate Program which covers your costs of the education investment. Yes you read that right ... you get paid back from the firm you trade with the cost of the MOJO University course ...

For a limited time only the same courses these hundreds of ProTraders have taken and paid for several times is FREE in this special offer - see more here

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