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How to make money when markets are crashing

Dow down 900 Nasdaq down 500 - big winners today see inside

Hello Traders,

I nailed it again. Omnipotent, magical, and very profitable are my picks for the MOJO traders today. Being above average bearish last week I did not anticipate many new swing picks this week. Only to hedge with ETF stocks like UVXY which covers a drop in the S&P500 and SQQQ which will go higher if the NASDAQ drops. Today UVXY is up 27% and SQQQ is up 9%.

The markets are down big today with almost 2 hours to the close the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down almost 900 points S&P down over 100 points and NASDAQ down over 450 points.

The MOJO Swing trade newsletter gets sent to subscribers every Sunday night with picks for the week ahead. Take a look at the analysis I did this week when futures where down 75 last night and NASDAQ around even. I sent this one last night….

Then the follow-up newsletter sent this morning…

Take advantage for yourself the #1 best swing trade newsletter in the business period!! No need to blah blah blah on just try it one month you won’t be sorry. Click the button above and get one month for $1 day that’s just $29 and if you make profitable trades keep it at the regular rate of $149/month if not you can cancel anytime. Give it a shot you owe it to your portfolio and account.


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