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The stock market is at an all time HIGH!!

As we prepare for the weekend the world is in turmoil. You wake up turn on the TV you say "oh boy not again".

What's happening?

  • Biggest Shooting in US History

  • Biggest Death of Law Enforcement in History

  • Biggest Catastrophe in History is it coming in the stock market?

Are you trading alone or in a pool of people who really only care about their own accounts and not the welfare of the traders?

Think about how many day trade rooms are in the industry… There are over 300…. Now think:

  • How many of those rooms are legitimately good?

  • How many moderators are trading in your best interests and not with conflicts of interest?

  • How many traders lose when the moderator wins?

  • How many rooms are well rounded, with a great moderator, great stock picker, quality trade plays with proven winning methods?

From my time spent on Twitter, it seems like a new day trading room pops up every single day!

MOJO has been around since 2012. You know your only as good as your last trade or two and nobody gives you the benefit of the doubt. So unless your spot on all the time your washed up as Day Trade Room Operator.

Proof is in the pudding and 4 years consistent MOJO Day Trading has been 95% accurate in all picks. Passing these skills to the traders who take the MOJO University course, I teach live every Tuesday and Thursday night. Last night we had 49 students.

Having a winning team and the best coach in the business gives them confidence to hold positions and remain patient. They know there is no need to ever panic. Patience pays off, especially following my picks. I started day trading 20 years ago not 2 years ago, big difference!!

In this volatile market, the key to winning for me is pleasing everyone on my team but the key to failure is trying to please everyone else. Today, I held an open house and 50 free traders show up. I personally tried to speak to everyone of them and got little answers. Who does that? If I went to a free pass, open house and the moderator said hello Michael, How are you? Thanks for coming and I ignored him, then he booted me out. Should I be mad after that?

Or rather think - Hey I blew my chances there.

MOJO Day Trade Room is a 5 star room


See my Twitter post sums it up, many likes :)

Fifty traders came today Open House to witness the MOJO first hand. From that (4) joined and 46 got booted out and Banned from MOJO room. You see I don't want hundreds to thousands of traders in my room I want a solid team of like minded traders that all desire to learn the MOJO way and enroll in the MOJO University Course. I want a small group of people to succeed with me as I cannot please everyone else.

Now, I have done this for 4 years and I know what it takes to win. A prime example is ProTrader Alan. He came to MOJO 4 years ago and was my first student. Now, he is still with me and the largest most successful trader in the room. He is currently on a win streak from following my picks since November 2014. It's now going on November 2016 soon. So that is 2 years without a losing day. Who can do that? Who can even fathom, that?

Well Alan is currently doing it and nothing will jinx or break that streak as his system is based on positive expectancy and that is what he takes to the bank. I am reaching out to you to be like Alan and become the next Pro.

Meet ProTrader Alan Listen to what he has to say:

You are only as good as your leader and if he cares more about growing his little account to a bigger one and bragging how he did that each day, listen your getting robbed. STOP NOW!

Are you a small cap printer of money for a GURU who leaves you holding the bag while he shows a profit and never loses. If the moderator wins and you lose there is a big problem, you should quit immediately. Besides your subscription money he's taking money from your account in the form of FRONT RUNNING.

What is 'Front Running'

Front running is the unethical practice of a moderator GURU trading an stock in his personal account based on advanced knowledge that he is going to call the pick to his entire room of traders (his subscribers), allowing him to profit from the pick.

If you feel this has happened to you quit now and start trading with MOJO Monday. Day Trading stocks like UVXY JDST DUST SVXY TWTR AAPL FB 3 to 4 times a day for $100 to $1,000 a trade is the way to go. The small cap 100% fliers do not pay everyone only the select few. Ask yourself do you want to trade and be left out of the select few or trade where you can be paid with everyone else?

If you want to stop the pain of losing day in and day out in a volatile market, there has never been a better time to begin your journey as a ProTrader! Get started with MOJO Day Trading today: Click Here or Image Below

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