Friday, September 9, 2016


The Megaphone Warning has sounded. MOJO Swing Traders scored a 4 point move and so did the MOJO Day Traders.





Attention, get your MOJO on and Join the Team>




Now today September 8, 2016 the tides are changing and I can hear the Megaphone being turned on. The Dow is now 18,500 and sliding lower, but in a very orderly fashion for now. But beware as I said before...Better watch out, better not cry, ProTrader Mike is going to tell you why...the Dow is about to take a crashing you's the Megaphone Pattern! take a look at this chart and compare to the 2015 chart, almost exactly same with big gap to fill on the downside.


So what's the play? Long UVXY now at $18.00 and under (see image) and if the market drops volatility comes in and this stock flies high once again. The high of UVXY on 6/27/2016 was $83.40 so I would consider this a nice discount. Dow Megaphone can you hear me?



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