Top 10 MOJO Videos of All Time

Did you know that MOJO Day Trading uploads a video recap of the mornings day trading room action to YouTube every single day? Well, if you haven’t heard, this is been happening for over three years! There are some crazy good videos in that collection, so I want to share some of the ones I like Best ! The LIVE Streaming usually begins live from YouTube at around 10:30 AM, but if you want to get up to the minute alerts, make sure to subscribe to the MOJO Day Trading YouTube channel or the MOJO Twitter Feed: Now, MOJO presents to you the Top 10 MOJO Videos in the Gallery, for your viewing pleasure: MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter Video Update with 21,962 views

Do You Second Guess Yourself?

Say you are out for a round of golf with your buddies. You are on the 8th hole on your favorite course. You know that on this hole, you always tee off using your 3-wood, as it provides the greatest accuracy and allows you to keep your ball in play, on a great spot on the fairway. However, you are last to tee off and all of your buddies walk up to the tee box and pull out their driver. Because of this, you decide, “Hey, you know what, I’ll use my driver as well! Everybody else is doing it, so it must be right!” How do you think that will work out? I’ll tell you, based on personal experience, that you are going to take that driver and slice your drive right into the woods. You are not goi

5,000 Point Swing / Are You Winning?

Hi there, ProTrader Joe - Check Out My Moves... The NFL is down to the final 4 teams, as we prepare for the Conference Championship games this weekend between New England vs Denver and Carolina vs Arizona. Soon, we will know what teams will play in the Super Bowl, as the men are separated from the boys and the cream rises to the top. Think about how many teams there are in the NFL… There are 32…. Now think: How many of those teams are legitimately good? How many are well rounded, with a great coach, great quarterback, quality skill players and a stout defense? Not as many, right? Well, the same thing rings true for the day trading industry. There are hundreds of day trading rooms out there


It’s no secret that the stock market has been on a wild and volatile ride to start 2016. EVERYONE IS DOWN, NOT MOJO!! Accounts have been lost and dreams have been crushed. Luckily, at MOJO Day Trading we have been taking it day by day, focusing on making our layups, converting our Trade Plays while still making 1% to 5% ROI to our accounts per day. This morning, the traders were positioned to take advantage of the craziness, the live stream is trading from the open! See nobody lost and everyone won!! Here is todays trader poll: Notice finished in just 30 minutes... This is an absolute must watch video for anybody serious about day trading. So, take some time to enjoy and learn from this

Win By Making Layups

What is the first shot you learn to make when playing basketball? A layup. Why? Because the layup is the easiest and highest percentage shot on the court. It is a shot taken from only a few feet away and is generally considered a “gimme”. A layup is so widely regarded as an easy shot, that in general conversation, people call things that are a sure thing “layups”. For instance, if you studied for 10 hours for your final exam, you would go into the test thinking that receiving an “A” will be a layup, as you are extremely well prepared for anything that could possibly be asked. In the NBA, the players make layups with such consistency that when a player misses one, it is shocking to the

5 Reasons to Swing Trade in 2016

By now, it is nearly certain that you have come to realize the dominance of ProTrader Mike and the MOJO ProTraders in the day trading industry. Time and time again, the MOJO Team has dominated the market while others struggled to even make a profit. But, did you know that ProTrader Mike is also a phenomenal swing trader? That’s right, the MOJO Team has been profiting on more than one front, as we believe in the importance of diversifying and maximizing our incomes! So what are the benefits of swing trading? To answer this, we compiled 5 compelling reasons to swing trade in 2016. 1. Works great if you have a 9 to 5 job Many people have a 9 to 5 job that is not conducive to day trading. They

The Art of Not Trading

Back when I played poker professionally, I entered thousands of tournaments. I would grind tournaments and sit and go’s all day, every day. While I learned many new things each day, the lasting lesson I took away from this very profitable experience was: It’s not about the great hands you play and win, it’s all about the great hands you are dealt but able to walk away from and fold. This lesson helped guide me to dozens of multi table tournaments wins and it has works the same in Day Trading. Anybody can win a hand when they are dealt pocket Aces AA, or AK, AQ, AJ but how many people are able to fold these powerful hands? The answer: Very few. Similar to how very few traders have the abil

The Importance of a Routine

Every successful person has a routine. Every coach, businessman, politician, leader, and athlete has a personal routine that allows them to find their comfort zone and maximize their focus and potential. Donald Trump spent the first few chapters of his bestselling book “The Art of the Deal” going over his daily routine and how it allows him to make the most of his business. Tom Brady is well known for having a rigorous offseason routine dedicated to training and improving both his mind and body. Tiger Woods’ dedication to his routine is legendary. Many golfers were simply amazed at his consistent dedication to sticking to his routine, despite any obstacles. While these men compete o

Are You Limiting Your Income Potential?

In poker, there are three types of players: those that play cash games, those that play tournaments, and those that play both. While both cash game and tournament players can make a great living, the poker players who are considered the best in the world all play both cash games and tournaments on a regular basis. All of the legends of the game dominated both the cash games and the tournaments. Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson have all made millions on both variants of poker. Likewise, in the world of MOJO, there are three types of traders: those that subscribe to the day trading room, those that receive the swing trading newsletter, and those who r

Top 15 Blog Posts of 2015!

It is officially 2016, and with that MOJO Day Trading wanted to celebrate the best year in the history of MOJO with the Top 15 Blog Posts of 2015! We hope you have fun looking back at the insanely profitable 2015! Don’t forget to check back daily in 2016, as we update the MOJO Blog with valuable information for all traders! It’s A Marathon Not a Sprint:!Its-Marathon-Not-a-Sprint/cgpn/55f32f7b0cf24af6ea39a599 Positive Expectancy:!POSITIVE-EXPECTANCY/cgpn/55f9c3680cf29dcad94bf063 Shorting Stocks:!SHORTING-STOCKS/cgpn/55ff43e30cf2375d99d70e76 Winning Style: You Have it or You Don’t: http://www.mojod

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