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5 Reasons to Swing Trade in 2016

By now, it is nearly certain that you have come to realize the dominance of ProTrader Mike and the MOJO ProTraders in the day trading industry. Time and time again, the MOJO Team has dominated the market while others struggled to even make a profit.

But, did you know that ProTrader Mike is also a phenomenal swing trader?

That’s right, the MOJO Team has been profiting on more than one front, as we believe in the importance of diversifying and maximizing our incomes!

So what are the benefits of swing trading? To answer this, we compiled 5 compelling reasons to swing trade in 2016.

1. Works great if you have a 9 to 5 job

Many people have a 9 to 5 job that is not conducive to day trading. They are unable to constantly monitor the market and are oftentimes unavailable to trade from 9:30-11AM. Thus, for these people, day trading does not work well.

Luckily, swing trading does not have to be your full time job! Because of the longer timeframe (holding for an average of 8 days) you do not need to be constantly monitoring your trades.

Further, you are luckily enough to have ProTrader Mike constantly watching the stocks and sending email updates directly to your inbox when it is time to buy or sell! Perfect for the working man who wants to get involved in the stock market, but does not have the time to dedicate towards day trading full time! Swing trading is an excellent way to get involved in the market!

2. Potential for Significant Profit

Because MOJO holds our swing picks for an average of 8 days, traders who subscribe to the Swing Trade Newsletter have the potential to make great profits!

So far in 2016, out of 12 closed Swing Trade positions, the MOJO Team is averaging a 19.28% Average Gain per trade! That is a substantial profit that you can make while sitting at your desk working your 9 to 5! Pretty great by any measure!

3. Constant Monitoring Not Required

Many people who work a 9 to 5 job worry that they will be unable to day trade because they cannot constantly monitor their positions. They worry that they will be called into a meeting while they have a big position in a stock.

When it comes to swing trading, you don’t have to worry about that! There is no need to be glued to your computer to constantly monitor your positon. As mentioned earlier, ProTrader Mike will send updates directly to your inbox anytime MOJO makes a move on the Swing Trade Portfolio! This saves you the trouble of constantly checking your position and analyzing what move you should make!

4. ProTrader Mike Does the Research

One of the most important elements of any Swing Trading Portfolio is the extensive research that goes into each pick. Good luck if you are picking blindly without any rhyme or reason, that is a recipe for disaster! Conversely, ProTrader Mike spends hours each weekend looking into expert picks for the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter!

Every single pick put out by MOJO has gone through the propriety stock picking system developed by ProTrader Mike through his 20+ years in the market! Each pick has been extensively researched, saving you the time and effort required to make knowledgeable and profitable picks!

5. Diversify your Income

The salary from your 9 to 5 job is great, but why stop there? Why be satisfied with your salary when you can make great money while sitting at your desk?

Swing trading allows you to make money each and every week from ProTrader Mike’s picks while still maintain and performing at your day job! There is no need to invest in expensive trading tools, additional monitors, or any of that! All you need is a MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter subscription and ProTrader Mike will send the picks directly to your inbox every Sunday night and then updates throughout the week! This is a perfect way to make great money in the market while maintaining your career.

Detailed Video on The MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter:

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