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Win By Making Layups

What is the first shot you learn to make when playing basketball?

A layup. Why?

Because the layup is the easiest and highest percentage shot on the court. It is a shot taken from only a few feet away and is generally considered a “gimme”. A layup is so widely regarded as an easy shot, that in general conversation, people call things that are a sure thing “layups”. For instance, if you studied for 10 hours for your final exam, you would go into the test thinking that receiving an “A” will be a layup, as you are extremely well prepared for anything that could possibly be asked.

In the NBA, the players make layups with such consistency that when a player misses one, it is shocking to the crowd, who will generally express their dismay with a loud chorus of “BOOOO BOOOO BOOOs!”

Conversely, three point shots are considered to be the most difficult shots on the court, thus why they are worth more points.

While three point shots are more valuable, they also come with a much lower make percentage, so there is inherent risk that comes with just shooting threes. For instance, when an NBA team is considered a three point shooting team, many consider them fun to watch, but few analysts take them seriously as championship contenders.


Because any expert knows that if you rely on shooting three pointers, you will live and die with your luck that night. Some nights, you may catch fire and have a big game, making lots of three pointers. Others, your shooting may be cold, and you may brick all of your shots, resulting in a massive loss.

Now, think about layups and three pointers in a trading context. Some traders live and die by the three pointer. These are the traders who are looking to gamble for the "score". They are there to go big and make the score and that is the only thing on their mind. They are not thinking like a businessman and they certainly are not using a system based around any positive expectations.

Instead, they are standing out by three-point line all game, tossing up shots and buying into stocks hoping they can make a that massive score!

How do you think that works out for those traders?

Very poorly. These are the traders who are frequently busting their accounts, forced to send in more money to fund another account. Sure, they may hit a few three pointers every now and again, but the numbers don’t lie. You can’t make a living in the NBA or the stock market by only shooting three pointers.

Luckily for the MOJO ProTraders, they are taught in MOJO University and understand these ideas more than just about anybody in the stock market industry today!

MOJO Day Trading has developed the MOJO System so that every single trade has a high probabilty of winning. MOJO understands that making your lay ups day in and day out is the only way to long term success in the market.

Why should MOJO waste its time standing up by the three-point line hoping to get lucky with a stock pick when we can stand under the basket making lay ups all day long?

The MOJO Heinz Trade Play is the biggest layup possible. It is the marque MOJO Trade Play and many MOJO Traders make a living just executing Heinz Trade Plays. Why would they lower their shooting percentage by taking wild gambles on three point shots?

That is not necessary and, in fact, is a recipe for disaster.

In this volatile market, it is more important than ever to understand that the foundation for a long term day trading business is making your layups. It has been stressful of course but great leading the MOJO Team through the tumultuous beginning to 2016 by making sure the MOJO Day Trading Team stays under the basket making just layups. We are not shooting three pointers. We are not taking gambles. We are not crossing our fingers hoping to get lucky. That is not the MOJO System.

Long time MOJO veteran, ask ProTrader Alan, the way to win in the stock market is coming ready to make your layups every morning. You are not going to go on a year long winning streak, as Alan has done, shooting three pointers. ProTrader Alan has made himself into a millionaire by staying under the basket and converting high probability trade plays into a fortune that will last him a lifetime. Watch todays video recap below he is on a 281 Day Win Streak!!

It all comes back to the idea that trading is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistent profits on a daily basis will always beat sporadic scores based on luck. While some traders will hit a few three pointers every once and a while, MOJO will be consistently growing our accounts 1% to 5% ROI per day throughout the whole year.

Take some time to watch the 1/13 MOJO Day Trading Video Recap to see how ProTraders make layups and MOJO Team is victorious every day despite the volatile market conditions:


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