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5,000 Point Swing / Are You Winning?

Hi there, ProTrader Joe - Check Out My Moves...

The NFL is down to the final 4 teams, as we prepare for the Conference Championship games this weekend between New England vs Denver and Carolina vs Arizona. Soon, we will know what teams will play in the Super Bowl, as the men are separated from the boys and the cream rises to the top.

Think about how many teams there are in the NFL… There are 32…. Now think:

  • How many of those teams are legitimately good?

  • How many are well rounded, with a great coach, great quarterback, quality skill players and a stout defense?

Not as many, right?

Well, the same thing rings true for the day trading industry. There are hundreds of day trading rooms out there. Maybe 20 are considerable the other 80 suck. From my time spent on Twitter, it seems like a new day trading room pops up every single day!

  1. How many of those day trading rooms consistently turn a profit for their subscribers? Better yet, how many of those day trading rooms have managed to turn a profit so far in the tumultuous market that we have experienced so far in 2016?

  2. How many of those day trading rooms have a team filled with loyal and dedicated traders like the MOJO Team?

  3. How many of those day trading rooms have a selfless leader like ProTrader Mike who is willing to sell off his shares to open up the profits for his team of traders?

Here are some answers, January has been a whacky, crazy, funny, ONG, LOL, LAMO kind of month in the stock market. Each day has been a wild ride, full of volatility and big moves!

Truthfully, at times it has been scary, knowing that each morning many traders in the market are being decimated and busting their accounts. There is a certain uneasiness that comes with such a volatile market.

Luckily for me, I have found MOJO Day Trading and I have already taken MOJO University 4 times! This has equipped me with the education and tools necessary to beat the market. For instance, even last night in the first class of the new session of MOJO University, the lessons I learned from ProTrader Mike were evident this morning! Just hours after class wrapped up! In the past, before I became a MOJO ProTrader, I would have lost my account if I traded every day of January. Conversely, with MOJO I have been consistently adding 1% to 5% to my account per day, even with the mayhem in the market!


In the past, I had a habit of panicking. I would take a position and as soon as the stock would start to drop, so would my heart. My mind would race, my palms would get sweaty and, quite frankly, I would become very, very lost. I would be unsure of what to do, when to sell, when to add on, etc. Simply put, I was trading with emotion, like a gambler, rather than a businessman. I did not have a system based around positive expectancy, so in reality, I had no chance to win in the long term.

This mindset and trading mentality would lead me to, more often than not, sell off at the bottom, leaving me holding my head in shame and anger when the stock would rebound and move into would-be profitable territory. Take today for example on SCTY - the stock opened above $30 and then dropped to $27.50. Three days ago I bought it in my swing at $35.00....So what did I do? Not panic as ProTrader Mike guided me thru the indecision and made me hold the shares. The stock rebounded an hour after that not just 1 point or 2 points but more than 5 points to close at $33.90. Could you imagine if I lost my position at $27.50 and it rebounded back in afternoon and spit on me to $34.00 - it went to $34.80

Now I am sure the above has happened to all of you...most probabaly this past week, what to do.....Answer is do what I did to get better and not lose any more my hard earned capital.....

I got educated in MOJO University and now I am more than ready to face these challenges. Having a winning team and the best coach in the business gives me the confidence to hold onto my positions and remain patient. Now, I know there is no need to panic. Patience pays off, especially with MOJO! In this volatile market, you are only as good as your team. Trading alone is a recipe for disaster, as you are far more likely to panic or second guess yourself. Those sorts of mistakes simply do not happen in the MOJO Room, as ProTrader Mike uses the knowledge and instincts picked up over 20+ years in the market to ensure that his elite team of ProTraders turns a profit, no matter what the Dow does!

If you want to stop the pain of losing day in and day out in a volatile market, there has never been a better time to begin your journey as a ProTrader! Get started with MOJO Day Trading today: Click Here or Image Below


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