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Weekly Wrap Up: Trading Goals

One of the most important things I've learned in MOJO University was how important goals are to your success as a day trader. Regardless of what industry you work in, goals are vital. They set the tone for the work you do and give you something to focus on and work towards.

All MOJO ProTraders set goals. They have daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. The goals are the important as PROCESS GOALS in order to acheive the OUTCOME GOAL. Of course, the goals vary depending upon that traders account size, but that is irrelevant as the percentages of return remain exactly the same whether you have a $5,000 account or a $50,000 account. The important thing is that the MOJO Traders are in the MOJO Day Trading Room every morning working to achieve their daily goals. We are a team of focused, committed, and have very ambitious traders. We would not have it any other way. We make money as a business, man - not a trader, man. That is the most imprtnat thing. Every ProTrader has committed endless hours to perfecting their craft in MOJO University under the tutelage of ProTrader Mike.

Personally, I try to make at least $500 every day of trading. That's realisitic at btween 5% and 10% per day. That is $2,750 a week, $11,000 a month and $132,000 a year. Not bad for a 24 year old, right? Do you know what I made at my old job? $32,000 a year. I make more than that in 3 months, and with MOJO I can travel the world. My account is growing, what a great feeling.

So, how do I consistently reach this hefty goal? Check out these updated day trade and swing trade results from this week and it may give you a better idea of just how dominant the MOJO System has become. Also, make sure to check out the daily video recaps.

If you like what you see, which I am sure you will, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity that is simply too good to miss, a 10 day pass to the MOJO Day Trading Room for only $1.00. Yes, you read that correctly. You will have 10 days’ worth of access to these highly accurate picks something your Mom would approve of. Happy Mother's Day Mom!


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