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MOJO Day Trading: The Proven Path to Success

As many of you already know, I am very active on Twitter ( Because of this, I have the opportunity to interact and network with all types of traders, from complete beginners, to 30 year veterans of the game. This offers me a unique perspective and has truly been an enlightening experience.

After we exchange pleasantries and a little background information, the person usually begins to ask me about the MOJO Day Trading Room. Oftentimes, one of the first things they are interested in is what our current customers have to say about MOJO.

Well, I thought it would be nice to draw attention to some of the MOJO success stories and compelling testimonials we have received.

Just last Friday, after spending the afternoon enjoying a delicious sushi lunch and driving range practice session, the MOJO Team was delighted to return to the office and find that ProTrader Mike had received a glowing review of MOJO from ProTrader JT.

I found this testimonial particularly compelling because it is so similar to my own story. When I tried to trade and learn the business on my own, I also failed miserably. But, as I mentioned in previous a previous post (!MOJO-University-Class-in-Session-May-26th/cgpn/5554f1ae0cf21fee138d60b6) I eventually got tired of losing and decided to invest in myself and my future success as a trader. Just like ProTrader JT, I joined MOJO and enrolled in MOJO U. We have similar stories, and have experienced similar success, so cheers to ProTrader JT!

As I mentioned earlier, even 30 year veterans of the game love the MOJO Room! ProTrader DiProspero has a story that is most likely familiar to many of you. He traded for 30 years and experienced some success, but would also experience losses that would offset his weeks of gains. He decided to join the MOJO Team and attack the market with a proven plan and achievable goals. Now, as you can see, he is a proud member of the MOJO Team.

Another MOJO ProTrader, ProTrader Jeff, also wrote in to let us know how well MOJO University worked for him. He is absolutely correct in stating that MOJO U is worth 100 times the money invested. As ProTrader Mike would say “Paying for MOJO U is a financial non-event”. When you pay for MOJO U, you are simply placing an investment in your future success as a trader. Especially when you factor in the Tuition Rebate Program with Cobra Trading and Pioneer Trading. In fact, many ProTraders have daily profits that are greater than the cost of MOJO University. Check it out:

BY 10:11AM this morning ProTrader Alan and ProTrader Sale had earned more than the tuition of MOJO University. I can’t say I am surprised, because these guys are always putting up outstanding numbers, but they continue to impress on a daily basis. They are models for those who want to become ProTraders, and we are proud to have them on the MOJO Team.

To check out more testimonials, look here:!testimonials/c116q

For more information on the three services we provide at MOJO Day Trading, check out this link:!about/c1bwf

To find out more about MOJO University, visit this page:!mojouniversity/c1hvn

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