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The MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter: Consistently Great

Consistency is the key to success in life, no matter what industry you are in. To be the best at your trade you must be consistent and that leads to better performance. If you are a fry cook at McDonalds and work hard Monday through Thursday, but then you fail to turn up for work on Friday…Guess what? You’re fired. If you play a great round of golf through 16 holes and then hit it into the water on 17 and 18….Guess what? You’re not going to be the one raising the trophy. If you trade profitably for 4 days and earn $4,000 then blow up on the 5th day and lose $7,500…Guess what? You’re a losing trader.

Needless to say, if you can’t consistently do great work throughout life then you are going to fall behind. Real champions, like Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, are always on the top of their game. Tom Brady does not show up to play on Sunday complaining about a slight headache. He uses his championship level mental game to focus on the task at hand, then he goes out and executes.

This is where MOJO Day Trading excels. ProTrader Mike is a consistent and proven winner. There is simply no denying it. Number don’t lie and Mike’s numbers are only getting better and better.

Not only have the day trading results been phenomenal (!day-trade-results/ca8v), but the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter has also been consistently great. Take a look at the results, you can access past months at the bottom of the page:!swing-trade-results/c5fn

As I said, consistency is the key to success and as you can see, MOJO Day Trading is consistently dominant when it comes to swing picks.

In May, MOJO is 52 of 53 for 98% accuracy. In April, MOJO was 56 of 60 for 93% accuracy, in March 59/59 for 100% accuracy, in February 61 of 63 for 97% and January 85/87 for 98% accuracy.

There is simply not much to say about these 2015 Swing Trade picks other than outstanding. These are ridiculously good results and anybody that is subscribing to this newsletter is consistently making great profits each month.

Watch today's Swing Trade Video Update for a great idea of what you can expect from MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter.

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