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Today was another outstanding day in the MOJO Day Trading Room. ProTrader Mike continued his dominant May (!day-trade-results/ca8v) while the MOJO ProTraders prospered.

The biggest trade of the day came in at 9:40 am, only 10 minutes after the opening bell.

As you can see, ProTrader Mike made the call out at 9:40 am, when $OHGI was priced at $4.12

Only 7 minutes later, at 9:47, the magic happened. $OHGI sky rocketed and made a $1.30 move in 10 minutes. Did you get a piece of the action? I know the MOJO Traders did! But wait, MOJO was not done making money yet….

My, oh my! ProTrader Mike did it again!

Now, let’s take a look and see how much the MOJO Traders made today:

How about ProTrader Bassman? He was running a little late today, but still got in the room and made $350! Not bad at all considering he almost missed the trading day! Additionally, an excellent day of trading by Trader Gerba, making $1,046, Trader Lennon, making $618, and ProTrader Sale, who profited an incredible $2,900!

When you have a minute, take the time to watch today’s video recap on YouTube and let ProTrader Mike show you how to make that money:

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