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What’s Your MOJO Motto?

Last night in MOJO University, I asked the attending student traders to think of their ‘MOJO Motto’. The idea behind this was for the future ProTraders to create a motivational statement that they can repeat to themselves to get in the zone, focus, and make some money!

There were some amazing responses:

Which one do you like the best?

Personally, a few stand out to me. I really enjoy Trader Arthur’s: “Live Life on My Terms.” Clearly, Arthur has the right idea. There is no need to have a long commute to sit and work at a desk from 9-5. MOJO ProTraders start trading at 9:30am and are usually finished by 10:30am. In and out like clockwork. Going along with this idea, ProTrader Larry’s motto is: “Quit Working for the Man.” I like the way Larry thinks! Be you own boss, become a ProTrader!

Trader Hoff also had an excellent motto: “I’ll be better tomorrow than today and yesterday.” Nice thinking, as it is important to learn, grow, and improve every day, especially when it comes to day trading. A good way to hold yourself accountable to this ideal is to keep a trading journal (!The-Power-of-Journaling/cgpn/555a3e890cf2836c8849d2f2).

Trader Juan came up with: “From Past Failure to Future Success.” It seems like Juan is in the right place, as MOJO University will surely turn him into a highly successful and profitable trader!

My personal favorite was the motto created by Trader Singh: “Plan. Execute. Profit. Leave.” I think this is awesome advice and directly in line with what we are trying to do here at MOJO Day Trading. MOJO University equips our traders with the knowledge and skills necessary to beat the market, I lay out the plan and when the bell rings and the trading begins, MOJO ProTraders execute flawless trades. Once MOJO Traders hit their daily goal, 18/20 days in less than 60 minutes, we are gone, done, see you later. No need to stick around, now that's a serious Business, man!!

We are done trading by 10:30am and we go on with our days. MOJO ProTraders don’t chase profits, anybody who has taken MOJO University would know at about 10:30 or 11:00 am MOJO Wave Theory kicks in and it is time to shut it down for the day. What MOJO Motto can you think of? Mine is = I am the worlds greatest trader, I kick the markets ass every single day!!

Now the smart way to be a so called "day trader" is to be able to stop trading and shut it down. Enjoy the day. Go have a nice lunch, hit the gym, head off to the beach or golf course. Whatever you enjoy doing, go do it. You don’t want to be sitting on the computer all day trying to earn a few extra dollars. If you do, you are sure to lose.


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