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Free Pass Friday

Ask and you shall receive. MOJO Day Trading is about to come through for our followers once again, as we present a FREE PASS FRIDAY, this Friday, June 5th…That’s right, you can join us in the MOJO Day Trading Room starting at 9:00am EST free of charge or any obligation and listen and trade with ProTrader Mike, just like a MOJO ProTrader!

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone that has ever considered joining MOJO Day Trading. Personally, I feel ProTrader Mike is already being exceedingly generous by allowing for a $49 first month trial rate, especially when you factor in the FREE Level 2 Instructional Video ($49 value). But, he has decided to continue his streak of generosity and open the doors to all this Friday morning.

In the past, MOJO FREE PASS FRIDAY’s have been a huge hit and there is no reason to expect anything less this Friday.

If you are interested in checking out FREE PASS FRIDAY, follow this link:!free-pass-friday/cd74

If you are new to MOJO and want to find out what we are all about, I suggest you spend some time reviewing 5 daily recap videos before Friday morning. You can find out YouTube Page here:

You may also want to browse through our past day trading results to get an idea of what we buy, and where we buy it. You can see all of our past day trading results here:!day-trade-results/ca8v

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