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$GBSN All In Trade Play

If you have spent any time in the MOJO Day Trading Room, you know that when ProTrader Mike calls an ‘All In’ it is serious business. When ProTrader Mike recognizes an ‘All In’ Trade Play situation, you better believe it is time to make some money! ‘All In’ Trade plays are amazing opportunities for MOJO Traders to profit and as such, when they are called, you need to be ready to act.

Today, an ‘All In’ Trade Play presented itself in the form of $GBSN. Let’s see how the MOJO Traders reacted…

Wow! It seems like the MOJO Traders were on point and nailed the trade! This is the type of reaction time I have grown to expect from the MOJO Traders, so I can’t say I am surprised that they NAILED this ‘All In’!

Take a look at today’s poll results:

Another extremely profitable day in the MOJO Room, with 60% of traders making between 1%-5% on their accounts. That is how it is done, great job! 10% of traders made 2X their daily goal, adding on 5%-10% to their accounts, while 28% paper traded and made money. It is only a matter of time before these traders become accustomed to the MOJO system. In a matter of days they will be trading real money from their account, adding between 1%-10% per day! Watch out, some real money makers are about to join the team!

Excellent profit figures today! Trader Life profited $1233, Trader Hoff made $3420, and ProTrader Dc made $1045. What a fantastic day of trading in the MOJO Day Trading Room.

If you are interested in this type of money for yourself, you have an excellent opportunity tomorrow. We are hosting a FREE PASS FRIDAY, so you will be able to trade with the MOJO ProTraders for FREE, with absolutely no obligation. To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, go here:!free-pass-friday/cd74

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