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A lot of day traders like to play cards, no surprise there right? There are a ton of similarities between day trading and poker. In both, you need a winning system and strategy. You also need patience, intelligence and determination. One bad trade or one bad hand can bring about financial despair, so you better be on top of your game, or you may be left BUSTO!

Check out ProTrader Mike’s thought on the matter:


Did you know that MOJO Day Trading also has a poker club? Well, we do! This Saturday night, we started up the MOJO Poker Club again and it was great fun.

One of the best part of the MOJO Poker Club is the opportunity to play and chat with ProTrader Mike. A lot of times during the live day trading room, he is very busy and focused on making the best possible trades, so he is not as available for small talk and chat as he would otherwise like. However, during the MOJO Poker Club, you can chat with ProTrader Mike and ask any questions you may like. Best of all, ProTrader Mike does his best to relate what is happening in the poker game back to trading, for instance relating a smooth poker play to a MOJO Heinz Trade Play. It is very interesting stuff and definitely cool to check out if you love both poker and day trading!

If you want to join us for the next poker game, check out the MOJO Poker Club section of our website:!mojo-poker-club/c6zb

We look forward to playing with you. Let’s see what you got, can you take all of ProTrader Mike’s chips? Good luck with that! You’ll need it!


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