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MOJO Summer Camp

Summer is upon us!

Well, actually, MOJO is down here in beautiful South Florida, so summer is year round, but for most of the MOJO Team, summer is here now!

When you were growing up, what was the best part of summer? Summer camp, of course! Every kid loves going to summer camp, in fact, many peoples favorite childhood memories happened at summer camp. Maybe it was where you hit the game winning home run in the baseball game or got your first kiss when you snuck out of the cabin at night. Regardless, almost everybody looks back on summer camp with fond memories.

The way I look at it, MOJO Day Trading is like summer camp! In the MOJO Day Trading Room every day is fun, exciting, and filled with promise. Just like summer camp, you can go to bed at night looking forward to the next morning, knowing that it is going to not only going to be good fun, but also, in the case of MOJO, profitable!

One of the main pieces of positive feedback I receive is that the MOJO Day Trading Room is it's very entertaining. In college I was a performer at Busch Gardens Tampa and had great time and experience doing that. Naturally, I like to be a performer so The MOJO Day Trading Room is no different, every morning I try my best to make the room fun, whether it is playing some cool tunes and relating the lyrics to what I am saying, or showing some card or poker chip tricks, I will do whatever it takes to make sure the MOJO Team is having a good time!

Another similarity is the morning routine. A lot of times at summer camp, there is a certain morning routine that remains the same throughout the years. This breeds a certain sense of belonging and familiarity that makes you feel at home. I do the same thing in the MOJO Day Trading Room with my morning routine. Every morning, I welcome the traders to the room and then I read and post the reminders to the room. This happens every single day our room is open, similar to how a summer camp would have their flag raising routine before breakfast at the dining hall. It brings about a sense of family and that we are all on the same team.

Also, at summer camp, you often times spend the mornings doing a more serious activity. Perhaps it is a karate lesson, or baseball practice, whatever it is, you usually have a structure and organized activity where the camps seeks to help you build and grow a skill, just like we do at MOJO Day Trading! The MOJO Team congregates in the room every morning and we handle our serious business for the day.

Just like at summer camp, when the afternoon hits, we have some free time for whatever hobby you so choose. It may be golf, or at me be relaxing by the pool, whatever you want to do, you are able to do it if you are on the MOJO Team. You will have made your money for the day in the morning, so the rest of the day is yours, just like free time at summer camp.

The nights at MOJO Day Trading are also similar to the nights at summer camp. Many time at summer camp, there will be a special activity at night, possibly something like an organized arts and craft session where an expert comes to teach you how to create a new project. I relate this to MOJO University where I teach you to become a winning Day Trader. We all meet in the morning, go about our fun in the afternoon, then come back together and refocus at night to learn and grow as traders during MOJO University. Just like an arts and crafts lesson, this is a two hour intensive time for study. It is serious business thrown into a day of fun. It is where you grow and develop new skills.

This summer, I really hope you will join me at MOJO Day Trading. I can promise you two things, you will have a lot of fun and you will learn a lot. If you stay on the reservation and enroll in MOJO University, you will have the summer of your life, I guarantee that!

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