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Consistency Matters - Just Ask Tiger Woods & Michael Jordan

The game of Golf is very important to me. Why? It is something I dedicate myself to and pride myself on. The result is I am a scracth golfer. My whole life I have been very competitive - playing every sport there is a kid. When I played sports I played to win same as I day trade to win. Simple as that!

When I participate in any activity, I strive to be the best, whether it is out on the golf course or in the MOJO Day Trading Room. Personally, I see many similarities between golf and day trading. Take the US Open, which is being played this weekend, for example. Yesterday, Tiger Woods shot 10 over par in his first round. Pathetic. Dreadful. Disheartening. However you want to describe it, he is done. His round is over. It was only the first round of play and Tiger Woods has already essentially ensured he is not going to compete for the title. Heck, he probably won’t even make the cut! This is very far from a ‘MOJO’ type performance.

At MOJO Day Trading, we realize that trading is a marathon, not a sprint, exactly like golf. Just like how every single hole matters in golf, every single trade matters in day trading. Consistency is key and without it you will fail. If you start your trading day like Tiger Woods started his round of golf yesterday, you are in BIG TROUBLE, buddy. Chances are, you will be stuck losing a lot of money not only on the day, but the week. Good luck digging out of that hole.

At MOJO Day Trading, we recognize this and take action to ensure that we are focused every single trade. Whenever I call out a trade in the MOJO Day Trading Room, you better believe it is going to be a winner. At MOJO we consistently shoot par or better, we don’t trade to make double or triple bogeys, we aim to be consistently great.

While you watch the US Open this weekend, keep what I am saying here in mind. Watch the leaderboard and check out where the consistently great performers wind up. You already know where they will be. The top of leaderboard. There is no question. Whoever wins the tournament is going to be the player who was consistently the best player throughout the week. Just like how in day trading, the trader who makes the most money at the end of the year is going to be the trader who was consistently putting up profitable days.

If you are occasionally a great trader, you might have some days where you make $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000. But, if you are not consistent with your trading, chances are that same trader will experience losing days that well exceed even his biggest winning days. Just like how some golfers have amazing holes where they hit the driver 350 yards and then sink a great butt for a birdie. But, that same guy hits it out of bounds on the next hole and they double bogey. They have the talent, but not the consistency, just like a runner who sprints to the head of the back during the start of a race only to be struggling to even cross the finish.

MOJO always crosses the finish line in first place!If you want to see consistently great trades, check out my day trading results: CLICK HERE

I am also a consistently phenomenal swing trader, proven by my 85 for 85 start to the month: CLICK HERE

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