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Old Life - New Life

Hey there MOJO New ProTraders! Last night we finished up the May - June class of MOJO University. People traded in their old lives for the new life ahead. As a ProTrade- business is Now Open!!

MOJO had 30 new graduates recive certificates like this one. Congratulations to the following ProTraders: ProTrader Jeff, ProTrader Ambar, ProTrader Maker, ProTrader Kos, ProTrader Hoff, ProTrader Dylan, ProTrader Walleye Boy, ProTrader Wayne, ProTrader Wanda, ProTrader Umas, ProTrader Guagler, ProTrader Preston, ProTrader Patrick, ProTrader Walsh, ProTrader GC, ProTrader Jordi, ProTrader Clint, ProTrader Singh, ProTrader Money, ProTrader Bergy, ProTrader Arthur, ProTrader DaveC, ProTrader Brian, ProTrader Venn, ProTrader Simon.

What a Wednesday it was in the MOJO Day Trading Room, great job by all MOJO Traders, it was a very focused and dominant effort today, exactly what we like to see. I was feeling really great this morning, as I welcomed the 30 new ProTraders to the MOJO Team! Excellent!

To start the day, I asked the MOJO Team to share some of their thoughts on MOJO University, which finished up last night and begins again July 14th: See Images

What excellent reviews, it really warms my heart and makes me proud to read them, I am glad all my work as a teacher, mentor, and caddie has paid off. I can’t wait to see the new ProTraders grow, develop, and prosper as they build their own personal day trading businesses!

Building on the excitement of a newly minted class of ProTrader’s, the picks in the room were on fire today, baby! Today we traded a handful of stocks, namely $CPXX, $VNDA, $NUGT, $FB, $TWTR, and $GALE As has become normal around here, we nailed all of our trades and closed up shop before 11am.

Check out today’s poll results from the MOJO Day Trading Room, be prepared to be impressed:

My, oh my what a wonderful day! Amazing poll results. 65% of the MOJO Traders hit their daily goal and added between 1% - 5% on their accounts. This is a daily occurrence in the MOJO Day Trading Room. Do some quick math on your own and calculate how large your account would be after only one month, or 20 trading days, of adding 1%-5% every day. That is what happens in the MOJO Room and that is why MOJO Traders are the best of the best. Consistent profits add up. I say it all the time and I’ll say it again, trading is a marthon not a sprint. The MOJO Traders are going to consistently hit their goals on a daily basis and continue on the smooth path to riches, other trading rooms get greedy, go for the big score, eventually msis and then bust their accounts. Not at MOJO. Consistent and steady profits are the name of the game and we have mastered the art!

Money talks and the MOJO Traders are chatting up a storm! Boom! What an amazing day. The last 24 hours have been excellent here at MOJO! Listen to ProTrader Rose, who says “Bulls and Bears and MOJO University graduates make money, pigs and sheep get slaughtered.” Don’t be a sheep. Be a leader, be a MOJO Trader and be one of the few who masters the market and profits on a daily basis. The money is not easy, and it is not going to come to you. You have to find a way to develop a winning system, and that is why the MOJO is here for you! When you have a few minutes tonight, check out my daily recap video from YouTube:

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