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Market Down Big 350, MOJO Up Big

Back on June 8th I wrote a blog post based on the Dow Megaphone Pattern, so don’t say I didn’t tell you (CLICK HERE).

The Dow Megaphone pattern is here and some people are going to get financially hurt. Not the MOJO Traders. When the market is down, MOJO thrives. This is something I pride myself on, when the market is taking a hit, it is when I do my best trading.

As I predicted, today the market took a hit. One question: How is your portfolio looking?

Many people are, unfortunately, going to have to respond that their portfolio took a hit, they lost a percentage of their wealth. I feel sorry for these people, but I need to be blunt and let them know that they missed out on an opportunity to profit here with the MOJO Team. Our Swing Trading Portfolio has never looked better. Reread the last line of my June 8th article warning about the Dow Megaphone Pattern: “This should result in $UVXY continuing to rise, MOJO Swing Portfolio is long $UVXY with covered call.” Now, go ahead and take a look at how $UVXY is doing… Amazing, right? MOJO Day Trading has the best swing trading portfolio on the planet!

Take some time and scroll through the Swing Trade Portfolio results section of my website, I am sure you will be impressed. CLICK HERE

As you know, swing trading is only one aspect of what we do here at MOJO Day Trading. You best believe even though the market was done, my day trading was still on point. MOJO never sleeps, never slacks, and never relents. The MOJO ProTraders were trading business as usual this morning and we collected our profits as if the market was soaring!

Today we made our money on $NUGT, $SGYP, $KZ, $JNUG. And $PGNX. It was a good day of trading, it was far from the best day we have ever had, but it was profitable nonetheless.

Take a look at these impressive poll results:

This is right where we want to be! Despite a down market, 46% of MOJO Traders added between 1% - 5% to their account, an additional 50% paper traded and made money! Perfect! I love it when MOJO traders hit their daily goals & NONE LOSE MONEY!!

Nice profits! Trader Ramon had a very respectable day, earning $790 in profits, while Trader Avery scored $584… Wait until these two take MOJO University and become ProTraders! Watch out! Also, shout out to the always impressive ProTrader Alan, who brought home a cool $1476!

What a day in the MOJO Day Trading Room! Check out the video recap and stay tuned to the MOJO Swing Trading Picks, they have been on fire and the excellence promises to continue!

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