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Money Making Monday

Hello Traders! I hope you all had an great weekend, I did! Spent some time out on the golf course and also took my boy to The Minions movie! Wow, that really tested my patience, but luckily that paid off today as I hit it big for the MOJO Traders this morning on OHRP!

Today was a ‘MONEY MAKING MONDAY’ in the MOJO Day Trading Room! If the market is down, I don’t even care! Doesn’t stop the MOJO!

Today MOJO got $OHRP at $2.75 and rode it through $3.65! Are you kidding!? That trade is pure MOJO, baby! This was easily the trade of the day, but we also got some trades in with $NUGT $SGPY $KNDI and $IMGN…

Money was made left and right in the room today. The action was fast, the mood was fun, and the traders were raking in the cash…just like I planned! Both Day & Swing Traders Scored!!

I see and hear this every day, the traders love to be in the MOJO Day Trading Room! It is their saving grace… If you have struggled to make money in the stock market and have been through room after room, stop sorting through the trash and join the MOJO Team! Trust me, we are building the elite team in the day trading industry, drop the zeros and get with the HERO!

Again, the other rooms simply cannot compete. MOJO got $OHRP at $2.75 and we rode it to massive profits at $3.65… As I tweeted out, the other rooms would have picked $OHRP long at $2.75 with a .20 cent stop, not at MOJO… Listen to Trader Grant, the other rooms would have misled him and left him holding the bag and then lectured him and told him not to trade with emotion. Conversely, at MOJO you get the pick in real time and without the fluff and misleading nonsense. MOJO Day Trading is a business and our traders make real money! It really is as simple as that.

Are these the only people who love being in the MOJO Day Trading Room? Let’s see…

Welcome to the team, Trader Aaron, Trader Kimy, and Trader StockMarketDr! I love this type of positive feedback. That is why I am in this business, to help you. So hearing it in the chatroom makes my day! I can’t wait to teach MOJO University tomorrow night, it is going to be the biggest and best MOJO U yet!

The excitement for MOJO U is palpable! The room cannot stop discussing it! The new traders can’t wait to see it for the first time and the MOJO ProTraders can’t wait to take the course again! They are beating down my door to get into MOJO U! MOJO University truly is the best day trading course in the world!

Now, the most important part. How much money did the MOJO Traders make!? Well, let’s ask the legendary ProTrader Alan how his day went:

In the MOJO Day Trading Room the ATM is spitting money! We print money, baby! Now show me the money!

What a day! This is a great start to the week, I have a sense that this is going to be a very profitable week!

I am very much looking forward to teaching MOJO University starting tomorrow night. The excitement is in the air and I can’t wait to add 50 new ProTraders to the team!

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