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VOLATILE - YA THINK? Collect Some Rent - WILL YA!!

What a Week - the market was like a roller coaster. Last week it went from 18,000 to 17,500 now back to 18,100 without stopping and ending at 18,050 - that's swings of 1200 points in short period of time.

What a stressful time for the market - GOLD Stocks continue their downturn - same as Oil stocks - will they get the bounce? Patience is in play and the markets will tell us. In the meantime - Covered Call writing is proving to be the strategy dejour - Have you ever collected "RENT from a stock before?

Watch this Video Here and I'll show you how over the course of a year you can make 30 points on a stock and it doesn’t matter if it goes up or down.

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