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Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Slow and Steady Wins the race - there are no shortcuts!

Well, we were back in action today, and the action from last week continues with a frenzy. Monday was no different. My motto - I am the Worlds Greatest Trader I aam going to kick the markets ass - sure worked well today. We did more trades than usual today, but that is because we I could not stop nailing these picks!

Before I go through today’s action, I just wanted to share a quick thought that I think is relevant due to the difficult market we are currently dealing with. I want all MOJO Traders to remember how important it is to always be in the game. Never trade above your head and don’t chase profits. There is always another day. Follow the warnings I mention at the start of every trading day. If you are new, don’t trade, just observe. When you begin trading for real money, focus on the Heinz Trades. Those will be your money makers, there is a reason the Heinz Trade is the staple play of MOJO Day Trading Play Book. So build your account with the Heinz Plays, and if the trade is not there, you have to wait. It is better to be patiently waiting on the sidelines with a fully funded account then rushing into the game when the signal isn’t there only to be left with a bad trade or busted up account. Please remember, stay on the reservation and follow my lead, I will guide you through the trading landscape.

Back to today. Wow, what a day! The action today was amazing and MOJO was putting on a trading clinic! The performance put on by the MOJO Day Trading Room today was legendary, the MOJO ProTraders were trading $EXEL like it is their job… oh wait, in the MOJO Day Trading Room it is their job, because our traders are running a business!

Let’s see how much money the MOJO Traders made of $EXEL:

That is what I like to see. The MOJO Traders were really growing their accounts today! Just ask Trader Kiernan who made 10% in just one trade!

If you are serious about growing your account on a daily basis in a straightforward, business-like environment, then the MOJO Day Trading Room is the place for you!

Now, it is time to SHOW ME THE MONEY:

Great job to all MOJO Traders. We have done an amazing job maneuvering this difficult market! Consistency and patience are key, so let’s stay focused on this week ahead!

Here is todays video recap =

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