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Are You Crazy Like This Stock Market?


It is no secret that the stock market has been very crazy as of late. Gold is dropping hard & Oil is right behind it. This IRAN deal may have been good for world peace but for the US economy – not so good. Thousands of jobs are on the line now and hundreds of companies are going to face bankruptcy. Good deal you think – what happens when markets react and send the down under 17,500 to 17,000 then what. The never ending selling will turn the market Neutral then Bearish and leading to a long awaiting recovery.

Are you ready for this? Is your portfolio geared with holdings that will make money as hedge if the markets do this? Is your stock picking strategy well in down markets? Do you even know what to do?

Well I have a good handle on the markets and will be guiding the MOJO Swing Trade Subscribers to the Promised Land not the zombie land of dead stocks. Past comic tells the story...

Traders are getting slaughtered in this market and the battle has not even begun yet. Having a dedicated and knowledgeable mentor and caddie has never been more important. You need a coach and a day trading room you can rely on, not a mentor that will give you his picks, only to leave you holding the bag while he counts his cash! Guess what you were just “front runned” Not at MOJO! At MOJO Day Trading, the picks are given out as they happen and nobody gets left holding the bag. We know chaos is lurking, the market still has some tricks for us, and so we are ready and vigilant. MOJO traders know I am going to be there for them every morning, focused and ready to make money.

Remember this – the market is orderly and things take time to happen. What you think may be good today may actually play out weeks later – does that mean you were wrong – nope just means the market is orderly and patience is th3e key is your decisions.

The DOW is moving and in a direction that traders do not want to see. A lot of trouble may be brewing on the horizon and I have been calling it for months now, for proof, please take a look at my ‘Dow Megaphone Pattern’ blog post dated June 8th:!DOW-MEGAPHONE-PATTERN/cgpn/557629290cf293eac8053039

So, I have been calling this for a while. I have a history of being correct in these scenarios, as evidenced by this ‘Trading Opportunity of a Lifetime’ blog post dated October 20, 2012:

It is pretty clear trouble is brewing. The signs are in the air, just as in 2012 when I studied Michael Burry and correctly corroborated with his predictions. The financial climate remains the same. The same patterns are there. Big trouble could be on the horizon, just check out my tweets and see for yourself:

So where does this leave you, the average trader trying to make a living in this market? Well, to be frank with you, the next few weeks and months are going to be a struggle for us all. We are going to have display amazing patience and focus to maintain our positive expectation. Thankfully, I am more than equipped to succeed in even the most volatile market, as my years of results go to show you. Please be aware of other trading room moderators that do not have your best interest at heart in this market, as I pointed out in my $ITEK shorting tweets. Stop losing huge in trading rooms with 6 moderators who leave you holding the bag, come to MOJO and trade with a mentor who will really have your back in the difficult times!

MOJO Day Trading has a plan to combat the dropping DOW and the crazy market. I have spent my entire life perfecting my patience and I am prepared to use it. In this market, you have to be well aware of the MOJO Wave Theory, you have to see the waves and wait for the right time to come. Don’t trade just to trade, that is what a loser and a junkie does. Trade like your account is your business, because it is. Every single MOJO ProTrader is an entrepreneur and a business owner. I take pride in that.

If you really want to take your trading to the next level, I have the perfect resource for you. Today, I made a video detailing the ‘Triple Threat’, I suggest you take some time to take some notes and watch:

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