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Top 10 Reasons To Be A MOJO ProTrader: Part 2

6. You Can Take The Day Off When You Want

Remember a few weeks back, around the July 4th holiday, when we all agreed to take a few days off in the MOJO Day Trading Room? Well, ProTrader Mike had been working so hard, he had earned it, we all had! So, he took off to Orlando with his family and it seems like they had an amazing stay at the Four Seasons! During the days off, I decided to drive down to Miami Beach and enjoy the holiday with a few friends! Talk about living the life! Well, if you are a MOJO ProTrader, you have the option to take an off day whenever you wish. No more filing paperwork requesting time off from your boss. No more asking permission, or getting written up for missing work. At MOJO, you are your own boss, so if you want to take the family on a long weekend, feel free. If you don’t feel well, and think it is best to rest in bed rather than trade that is your decision. As a MOJO ProTrader, you can choose to trade every day, or pick and choose the days that work for you.

7. Done by 11:00am For Perfect Work/Life Balance

Building on the last point, as a MOJO ProTrader you better get ready to have a lot of free time! That’s right, we make a habit of being done trading by 11am! That is the MOJO system, as we log in, make our trades from around 9:30-10:30 and are nearly always finished by 11am! That leaves the rest of the day for the MOJO ProTraders to work on other businesses, spend time with family, enjoy their hobbies, or even head off to other jobs. This really may be my favorite part of being a MOJO ProTrader. I hate being trapped all day sitting on the computer, just staring at a screen. That does not sound like much of a life to me and is far from healthy! So, I love being able to wake up early, drink a coffee, log into MOJO, make some money, and then move on with my day. Personally, I really enjoy going out for a nice lunch, getting a work out in, then hitting the beach! Lately, I have been working on my golf game. It’s amazing having so much free time to develop and work on my hobbies, I find that it helps me keep a positive attitude and stay focused and energized. Balance is the key to life and you are not going to find a better work/life balance than at MOJO Day Trading.

8. Financial Independence

Financial independence is having the freedom to make decisions based on what makes you happy instead of what makes you money. Take a second and think to yourself if you are financial independent. Do you go to your job because it is what you enjoy? Or do you go to work simply because you have to make money to pay your bills?

Most jobs pay you just enough so you can get by. Trust me, I know. Out of college I worked jobs that paid me $11 and $14 an hour. I know what it’s like to grind. However, I also now have another perspective on financial independence now that I have become a MOJO ProTrader. Trading with MOJO allows you to actually make enough money to be financially free. No matter grinding all week at the job just to have enough to cover rent and utilities. At MOJO, I can actually make the money I need to live the life I desire. ProTrader Mike works with each one of his students to figure out their trading goals, and then he holds them accountable to their goals each morning with the daily poll. This has really helped me stay focused on obtaining financial independence!

9. No Dress Code

One of the things I hated most about working for a large financial institution was getting all dressed up in slacks, pressed shirt, and tie every day to only go sit in a cubicle where I did not ever interact with any customers. I understand the psychological reasons for businesses implementing dress codes, but I also hated spending my hard earned pay checks on clothes for work, only to sit at my desk feeling uncomfortable all day!

As a MOJO ProTrader you can trade from the comfort of your own home wearing whatever you want! You could even be sitting in bed in your boxer shorts making money in the MOJO Room! Whatever makes you comfortable, wear it! Remember, you are your own boss!

10. You Have To Get ProTrader Mike As Your Mentor

The best part of day trading with MOJO is actually pretty obvious… You get to have ProTrader Mike as your mentor, caddie, and coach! This is by far the most valuable aspect of trading with MOJO Day Trading. Getting to trade with a certified trading genius on a daily basis has no price tag! I have learned so much by trading in the MOJO Room every day and that education and experience was taken to the next level when I enrolled in MOJO University. I simply cannot put words to how helpful MOJO University was. In MOJO U ProTrader Mike laid the foundation for my day trading and financial future. He provided me with the tools and education necessary to succeed as a trader and beat the market.

The last few weeks have been a perfect example of the leadership and skill shown by ProTrader Mike. The market has been a brutal place and many people are losing the shirt off their back, but MOJO continues to have winning days. Again, today, nobody lost money in the MOJO Room, despite difficult market conditions.

When the waves are rocking, you want your boat to have the best captain. At MOJO, we have ProTrader Mike, so we are ready to navigate any storm the market brings!

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