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A MOJO Weekend

I am a hard worker, nobody could deny that. I love working hard and running MOJO Day Trading. It is truly a dream come true for me. However, I still need some personal time in my life to relax, clear my mind, and enjoy life with my family. So, I took the family to the prestigious Breakers Palm Beach.

Even though it was a day off, you know I was still wearing my MOJO Day Trading hat, representing the best day trading room on the planet!

The food and drinks were delicious and the service was immaculate. Of course, the pool and beach view was the icing on the cake!

Can you feel the MOJO? I love treating my family to luxurious weekends at classy resorts. It is one of my favorite parts of the business and I am very thankful to be in a financial situation to be able to do so. MOJO really is the best business on the planet!

After a fantastic meal, the family moved onto a beautiful beach bungalow! This was awesome fun for the kids, they couldn’t stop raving about what an awesome day we were having.

After eating, I decided to get in a round of golf at the famous Oceans course at The Breakers. Wow, what a great course! I suggest it to anybody in the area looking for some great, and scenic golf!

Hit only 3wood because it was Ocean Course and tight. Hit every fairway shooting 65, which could have been a 63 - missed a few easy putts. It felt great to play so well after a profitable week of trading. Please also notice the immense detail I put into crafting my score card, just like a trading journal I WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. Keeping a scorecard is just as important as keeping a trading journal, you will not grow and improve without it!

If you want to bring your family on this type of trip, you need to sign up for the MOJO Day Trading Room and take MOJO University. I am helping over 100 MOJO Traders elevate their lives on a daily basis. I know how great it feels to treat your wife and kids, and I want my MOJO ProTraders to have the same feeling. So, come join me at MOJO Day Trading and let’s take your financial success to the next level.

Also, please remember is Part 2 of the MOJO Quit Your Job Webinar. Last time, we had over 400 people in attendance, and we are expecting the second showing to be even bigger! To register, go here:!free-classes/c19b6

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