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The Gold Wave has been easy to ride if you have that Love/Hate MOJO - when the stock drops big everyone "hates" it then it drops more and they have "voodoo" upon it. MOJO starts the buying in the "hate" zone and goes big when the "voodoo" appears. Now, If you have been following the MOJO twitter feed or reading the MOJO daily blog updates, you are already well aware that MOJO Day Trading has been on a gold and oil rush!

My oh my, have some big profits been made! Earlier in the week, posted how MOJO struck oil and cashed in big time on the oil stocks, such as $USO (United States Oil Fund) and $UWTI (Velocity Shares 3X Crude Oil) .

Now, draw your attention to the MOJO Gold Rush! MOJO traders are 15 for 15 when trading $JNUG and $NUGT this month, which is simply incredible. MOJO tarders have been scaling in and out like a champions! How do they do it, you ask? Well, the formula is simple: Buy the hate slowly, exhibiting patience, and then sell the love another day! How is it working out? 15 for 15. Perfection. That is a trading system, how does yours compare? Before I leave you, I just want to ask you a serious question?

When was the last time you hit 15 out of 15 trades on the same stock in a row or went on a 150 trade win streak without losing on one trade?

See MOJO Proof Here = Click

If the answer is never, you need to act now to enroll in MOJO University, so you can profit alongside the MOJO ProTraders who do this very thing. Take ProTrader Alan for example, has been with MOJO for 3 years now. His last losing day was November of 2014 - in 2 months it will be one year. That's just nuts, crazy right - well it's true. ProTrader Alan will be coming out with another updated testimonial to this feat in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned. For now here is an introduction to him....

By the way, ProTrader Alan has taken MOJO University course at least 5 times. If you want to learn how to become a ProTrader like Alan - the next class is being offered on September 8th there is just (4) Days to enroll. Each class holds 30 Students - 30 have been taken - MOJO will open up (5) more. Will you get one as this is the last class of 2015??

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