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One of the best aspects of being a MOJO ProTrader is the freedom it gives you!!

The MOJO trading business is a 20 day a month running operation. 18/20 days the business is over in 60 minutes. That's all it takes making a few high probability trading scoring aggressively a few times per day is enough for the account to grow by leaps and bounds. It add up!! How does that sound? With MOJO you can log in at 9:30am and be done for the day with 1%-5% Equity Return added to your account by 10:30am. What's better than that? Then, you are free to go and do what you want with your day, whether it be family time, a round of golf, or lunch with friends. Can you feel the freedom?

This morning was a perfect example of how MOJO dominates the open of the market and then moves on with their day. Right before the market open, the call was made for the MOJO ProTraders to move in on $KBIO in anticipation of a HEINZ through $4.00, making 3 buys along the way.

Well, from there, $KBIO shot up like a ROCKET! It shot past $4.00 and just kept moving on up and the MOJO Traders were making money the whole way! See that high $5.08 - it's now $4.65 !! cha ching!!! MOJO sold it all the way to the top and then shut it down. Once the profits were made, the MOJO Team knew the routine and logged out to enjoy their day. That's how we roll!!

Now, I am off to play some golf and enjoy the long weekend with my family. See you all on Tuesday! Have a Safe and Happy labor Day Weekend!! 9/3 MOJO Day Trade Room Video Recap

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