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If you have done any trading over the past few weeks, you are well aware that the current market has absolutely no mercy. People are blowing up accounts left and right, and the market is simply showing no mercy whatsoever to the unguided and unprepared traders. Very few traders can succeed on their own, especially when the market is so volatile and unforgiving. You are much better off with a team of Pro’s backing you up along with a dedicated mentor who has done and seen it all when it comes to day trading.

Look, you don’t show up one day and climb Mt. Everest alone. You have to get the necessary training and equipment and then find an elite team to journey with.

At MOJO Day Trading, you don’t have to journey alone. From day one, you will be surrounded by a team of ProTraders. You will also have me, ProTrader Mike, as your guide and mentor. You won’t have to climb the mountain unprepared, as MOJO U will provide you will the skills, education, and tools necessary to maneuver the market.

So why feel left out? There is no need to stand on the sidelines watching, while the MOJO ProTraders cash in on a daily basis.

The MOJO University Course has produced to date over 150 ProTraders. This month there are 30 Enrolled in class that was supposed to start tonight 9/8 - however, to do updates and the Holiday weekend it has been postponed for (1) One Week. I will open up (2) spots for this months class so you can reserve your seat now. I tell you the seat will be tasken within a matter of hours - so send me an email and get your spot tonight.

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