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The Heinz Trade Play

If you spend even one morning trading in the MOJO Day Trading Room with me you hear me say the phrase "positive expectancy". You see, every single trade made in the MOJO Day Trading Room is made with positive expectations. Very simply, positive expectancy is expecting the trade to work in your favor 100% of the time. This happens because a certain situation sets itself up and is what they call a "slam dunk" or in poker "you got the nuts". Every winning system is based upon Positive Expectancy.

Examples of Positive Expectancy

  1. Getting up in the morning - I'll bet on that

  2. Eat Food when your starving - I'll bet on that

  3. Stand in the Bright Sun at the beach - get tan - I'll bet on that

  4. Stand outside in rain - you'll get wet - I'll bet on that

Can you think of some?

See if you can develop a system based upon - I'll bet on that - then you got yourself a real money maker.

I have developed a trade play setup I call the "Heinz Trade Play" and it's based upon positive expectancy.

The Heinz Trade Play, which is taught in MOJO University, is the basis of the MOJO business. This is a very high probable trade play with above 95% accuracy. MOJO ProTraders that only play the Heinz Trades make amazing money! Check out this Heinz sequence happen in a nice 60 minute trade ...

For instance, Trader Steelman has made over $30,000 since starting with MOJO Day Trading just one month ago only doing the HEINZ!

How did he do it? He specializes in $UVXY Heinz Trade Play opportunities. He knows that these trade plays are built around positive expectancy, so if he is extremely patient and waits for the perfect moment and that $UVXY Heinz call from ProTrader Mike, he is sure to profit.

Just take a look at his results. He does not deviate from the plan and stays on the reservation at all times. With MOJO positive expectancy, there is no reason for him to chase other trades. He just remains patience, waits for the Heinz opportunity, then he executes and collects his profits. Excellent job!

The MOJO Day Trading business is built around positive expectancy. Any trader that is willing to commit to learning the MOJO system in MOJO University can create their own day trading business doing the MOJO positive expectancy trades. Last night, MOJO had 66 traders begin their trading journey in MOJO University. These traders understand the power of positive expectancy and recognize that MOJO is the best of the best when it comes to recognizing and profiting from positive expectancy trade situations.

Visit here > Learn more in the next class of MOJO University and if you cannot attend the live class there are recorded classes available for you top watch any day and anytime.

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