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THE (9) to (5)

What does having a 9-5 job really mean? Is it really as straightforward as working from 9am to 5pm? Well, as most of you already know, the true realities of the 9-5 lifestyle are not very glamorous.

The reality is something more like this:

Wake up about 7am to get cleaned up, dressed, and have some breakfast. Leave the house about 8am to deal with the long morning commute and the inevitable traffic. You sit down at your desk at 9am and if you are a minute late, your boss may write you up with a documented warning. If you are lucky, you will get a 15 or 20 minute break at about 10:30. At noon, you will have a lunch hour, most likely eating fattening and poor quality cafeteria food with your coworkers, who you don’t really like. After lunch, it’s right back to your desk until you get dismissed for the day at 5. But wait, don’t forget, you still need to make your way home through rush hour traffic, stop to pick up the kids, get groceries, and cook dinner.

In reality, the 9-5 grind is more like a 7am-7pm nonstop hustle. With all of this hard work and massive dedication of your time, do you at least get paid well?

Unfortunately for most people, the facts say no. An overwhelming majority of Americans live pay check to pay check. The average income for a 2 parent household is around $50,000 per year. How are you supposed to get ahead? How can you save for your future? How will you afford to put your children through college? It’s tough to save for that far in advance, when you are actively praying that you will bring in enough money that month to pay all the bills.

Well, what about job security? In the 9-5 corporate world, you are only as good as your last sale. It doesn’t matter if you were the best in your department a year ago, if you are not making the company money that month, which is all they remember. They don’t remember the 10 years of dedicated service. If your salary does not fit in the budget, guess what? You are out on the street looking for a new job.

Ask yourself: How many good, honest, hardworking people do you know that have lost their job in the past few years due to company layoffs or budget cuts? What power to control your own life do you actually have working in the 9-5 sector? What power to control your own financial future do you have working a 9-5 job? At MOJO Day Trading, our mission is to provide the education and tools necessary for anyone to trade the stock market and replace or exceed prior income, providing a lifetime of financial security.

Our team is very serious about this goal and that is why every single MOJO ProTrader has a process and outcome goal. The entire MOJO System has been developed around this idea. It is why we trade how we do, focused on positive expectancy trade plays, like the Heinz, Jolly Green Giant, and Lemon Squeeze. It is why we close up shop at around 11am every morning. We do not give back our profits and we do not chase big scores. We treat this like a business, because it is one. MOJO Day Trading provides over 150 ProTraders with the education and tools necessary to beat the market and replace their old income.

Just ask ProTrader Alan. He was wildly successful in his past career, but it simply did not provide him the lifestyle and financial freedom he has found at MOJO Day Trading. With MOJO, ProTrader Alan has not had a losing day since last November. He just took a week off to spend time with his family to celebrate a religious holiday. The man has complete control over his life. He is financially secure and makes his money with MOJO, so anytime he needs time off, he can take it. He is in complete control over his own life.

Check out ProTrader Alan’s interview with BlogTalkRadio to find out more about how he transitioned from the 9-5 lifestyle to being a dominant MOJO ProTrader:

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