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How To Make A Comeback

Monday can always be a crazy day especially when the marklets start off RED! This morning, we got off to a big of a bumpy start in the MOJO Day Trading Room. Straight out, MOJO made a boo boo by trading RED stocks againstthe trend. See MOJO "liked what that stock" but the market told MOJO different. So what did MOJO Journal today?

"Trade What You See Not What You Think"

It seemed like as soon as the announcement was made to pick up shares of $SUNE, its value crashed! What a disappointment! Needless to say, this was an underwhelming start to the day. You know when you do really great at something and you had to make a hard decision that proved in your favor? Well that happened today...see MOJO traders had SUNE at $7.70 we sold it for a LOSS at $7.50 and the stock hot a low of $6.70 - Now that was a good fold!!

That gives me pleasure even though MOJO lost because the rules were followed there. We resumed trading that stock 3 more times not only to make back the original loss but to turn that red day into a green one. Mojo continued trading with an end of day game plan announced in the day trade room.

It’s very rare for MOJO to start the day this way, but did we panic? No way! Rather than panic and make additional mistakes, the MOJO Day Trading Team was completely composed. Every single ProTrader knew that there was no need to worry, as the game plan was laid out in detail see here at 12:42pm

So how did the traders do today?

See here...

For the rest of the day, MOJO ProTraders dominated. They were completely focused and locked in, nailing Trade play after trade play! Moving forward, every MOJO ProTrader can have complete faith in the MOJO System. Today proves that if you stay on the reservation and stick to the system based on positive expectancy, you will come out on top!

Check out today’s MOJO Daily Recap Video, to see some special LIVE end of the day trading:

P.S. This Thursday, October 1st, MOJO Day Trading is hosting a FREE PASS Thursday, make sure to reserve your seat here:

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