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It's Offical - Three (3) year track record with complete transparency.

For last 3 plus years, MOJO Day Trading has been diligently documenting every single day trade in the MOJO Day Trade Room and swing trade in the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter. All verified by the MOJO Trading Team. This is why ProTrader Mike has uploaded a Daily Video Recap to the MOJO YouTube page over the course of the same time period. The best part of this transparent business practice is the fact that MOJO Day Trading hosts these results directly on their website, for anybody to see! Another great part of having a 3 year track record of beating the market is: the results speak for themselves.

The MOJO Day Trading Journal is updated on a daily basis. ProTrader Mike provides complete transparency by providing complete details regarding every single trade that takes place in the MOJO Day Trading Room.

To view the MOJO Day Trading Journal, click here:!day-trade-results/ca8v

To view day trading results from the past, scroll to the bottom of the trading journal and pick the month and year you desire:

The MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter results are also posted in full, with complete details regarding the trade. Again, results from the past three years can be found by navigating to the bottom of the page and selecting the month and year you desire.

To view the MOJO Swing Trade Log, click here:!swing-trade-results/c5fn ProTrader Mike also makes his track record available to the public by recording a daily recap video, something he has been doing for the past three years. If you are interested in viewing video recaps from the past, all you have to do is select is select the month and date!

To view Day Trading Video Recaps, click here:!video-recaps-sept-2015/c1s1i

To view Swing Trade Newsletter Updates, click here:!swing-trade-updates-2015/caad

P.S. Watch today’s 10/19 MOJO Day Trade Room & Swing Trade Video Recap:

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