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MOJO Day Trade Room Overview

The MOJO Day Trade Room Overview:

Screenshot The MOJO Day Trade Room

Have you ever wondered, what is a morning like for a MOJO ProTrader?

Surely by now you have heard about the MOJO Day Trading Room and the MOJO ProTraders, but do you know what it’s really like trading live with the MOJO Team every morning?

What sets MOJO apart and what is different about the MOJO Room?

Allow us to show you (5) FIVE ways that the MOJO Day Trading Room stands out from its competition.

1. Morning Routine Every winning day trader will tell you, routine is very important. Because of this, MOJO Day Trading starts each morning the same way. ProTrader Mike opens the room, greets the team and begins implementing the morning routine. He serves a daily reminder to new traders on the team about observing the team rules, warnings, and precautions. He also releases his daily watch list and discusses possible trade plays with the team before the market opens.

2. Trading live with ProTrader Mike Every morning, the MOJO Team trades live with ProTrader Mike. ProTrader Mike allows for a screen share, so every member of the MOJO Team has a live feed of ProTrader Mike’s trading platform. If he looks at a new stock, you see it. If he makes a buy or sell, you see it. ProTrader Mike provides his team of elite traders with very clear buy and sell signals. He tells the team exactly what shares to buy/sell and when to do it. He trades live along with his team, leading the team to great success by announcing each scale in and out, all while including the exact share size he is trading to maximize profit.

3. Daily Poll

In addition to having a live screen share of his trading platform, ProTrader Mike increases the transparency of the room by having a daily poll that focuses on the results of the MOJO Traders. This is an opportunity for the MOJO Traders to see how their results compare to the rest of the teams. Additionally, if a trader had a rough day and faced some adversity, this is a great opportunity for them to ask ProTrader Mike for help. Further, traders who did not have the poll results they were hoping for are encouraged to email ProTrader Mike, so he can help them correct their mistakes to ensure that the next day they will hit their daily goal.

4. Video Recap:

Every morning, once the day’s trading has been mostly wrapped up, ProTrader Mike goes live on the MOJO YouTube channel ( to broadcast his daily recap video. In an effort to increase transparency, ProTrader Mike takes viewers live, step by step, through the mornings of trading in the MOJO Room. Additionally, ProTrader Mike often includes a live trade or two, showing the viewer just how the MOJO Team dominates the market! In addition to daily recap videos, ProTrader Mike also makes frequent Swing Trade Video Updates, to review the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter results with subscribers and interested viewers. To view the archived Swing Trade Updates, go here:

5. Updated Trading Results Another fantastic feature of MOJO Day Trading that really contributes to the rooms transparency is the updated Day Trade Room Results ( and Swing Trade Newsletter Results ( ProTrader Mike makes a habit of taking time each day to update the day trade and swing trade results with the relevant information from that day of trading. This is a phenomenal resource to all MOJO Traders, as it allows them to go back and have access to a spread sheet of 3+ years of MOJO Day Trading results! P.S. Take some time to watch today’s 11/16 MOJO Day Trading Video Recap to see for yourself how ProTrader Mike and the MOJO Day Trading Team dominate the market with complete transparency:

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