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Trading Responsibility

When you walk into the casino on vacation, you are there as a gambler. You want to make money, but also having fun is in the in your mind. You are seeking action and are willing to take a gamble in order to get it.

Think about it, when you are in Vegas for a friends bachelor party, or at a casino on the beach of Costa Rica, aren’t you really just looking for a good time?

You want to play some blackjack, roll the dice, and try to hit it big at roulette. You want to have some drinks and a few laughs with your buddies.

That’s the mindset of most gamblers.

But then, you have the sharks, the sharps, the wise guys. They know the ropes, they’ve been there and done that. They aren’t there to have fun, they are their to make money by taking your money, that's their business.

When a professional gambler walks into the casino it’s a complete flip of script. The professional gambler is the "shark" who walks into the casino and takes that tourist’s money. He is the one who is holding the nuts in poker while you are thinking your top pair may actually be good, lol.

It seems he is always in the right place at the right time…

Now, think about the stock market. Most traders are like the tourist walking into a casino. They want to make money, but they aren’t really willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get there. They really just want to put some money in their account, make a few trades, and hopefully hit a big score. They do not have any system nor do they have the patience to sit and wait for things to come they make it happen. The Level 2 for them is just a colorful little box without alot of meaning. Well in the end, these are the types of traders who are routinely depositing more funds only to go broke and then rinse and repeat. Sound familair?

If so then, you have to become a MOJO ProTrader. They are the professional in the casino. They know the ropes of the market. They put in the time and the effort. They committed to making day trading their business by enrolling in MOJO University, and taking the course multiple times. They care so much and are so dedicated, that many of them want to take the course three or more times. They show up every morning completely focused and ready to trade. They have practiced the MOJO Trade Play sequences so many times, that it is becoming second nature. These are the types of traders who are disciplined and there to win. Day trading is their business and their main source of income. Many of these types of traders have quit previous careers, only to replace or exceed their prior income.

How do they do it?

They commit to the MOJO style. They take MOJO University and master the MOJO Day Trading system. They follow ProTrader Mike’s picks not their own and follow the rules of trading laid out to all MOJO Traders and that is to stop trading and close up shop for the day when they hit their goals.

How many traders do you know that were up big, only to keep trading once they hit their goal and give back all of their profits?

MOJO ProTraders do not give back their profits. That is the difference between being a ProTrader and being a gambler. A business, man and a LOSER!!

Tomorrow morning is an excellent opportunity to see if you have what it takes to be a MOJO ProTrader. Come join the MOJO Team for the Pre-Thanksgiving Open House!

In the meantime, get caught up with the MOJO Team has been trading by watching the MOJO 11/24 Video Recap:

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