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Day Trading & Level 2

If you have watched the MOJO Daily Trade Room Recaps - Click Here To View Some

You may wonder is that 95% Accuracy real?

How does MOJO do it?

How is MOJO consistently profitable?” What’s the MOJO secret?

What makes ProTraders better than the average joe trader?

The answer is....................drumroll please................................

Knowledge of Reading the Level 2

That’s right, the MOJO System is based on a mastery of reading and analyzing the data provided in Level 2. Level 2 provides MOJO Traders with an in depth view of the demand and supply on the stock before it makes the correlating bars on the charts. There are signals within the Level 2 if read correctly can yield big moves for stocks.

Have you ever heard the saying “if you snooze, you lose”? Well, if you don’t read level 2 and are left waiting for the bars to appear on your charts, guess what? You lose.

Level 2 allows the MOJO ProTraders to see the size of institutional orders, indicating which direction the stock is heading. Every morning in the MOJO Day Trading Room, you hear it called out “there’s a signal on $UVXY at $24.95!” It happens on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. Being able to see the signal and call it out to the room is the key.

How accurate is Level 2 reading? Well if you checked out the results link for the MOJO Day Trade Room picks, you can see for yourself. For November MOJO ended with a Win Rate of 96% win rate and an average of $0.24 scalp for the month. Impressive by anyones standards, I am sure you'll agree!!

If you want to become a master of reading the Level 2, there is really only one place to learn and that is MOJO University (!mojo-university/c1hvn).

MOJO University will teach you everything you need to know about Level 2, from recognizing fake orders and No Intention to Buy Bids, to rebate trading. Additionally, MOJO University provides real time skill building practice that teaches traders to not only recognize signals in Level 2, but to also put the principles into action by practicing their order entry and sequencing!

If you can’t wait until January’s MOJO University class to learn about Level 2, don’t forget that ProTrader Mike offers his ‘Level 2 Show’ Video for free to all new subscribers to the MOJO Day Trading Room! This video retails for $49, so you would be wise to take advantage of this opportunity.

P.S. Take some time to watch the 12/2 MOJO Day Video Recap to see how ProTrader Mike used his Level 2 reading abilities to dominate the market during this morning’s trading session:


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