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Getting Ahead - The Finer Things in Life

When I used to work a 9-5 job, I got paid $14 an hour. I would usually work about 40 hours a week, so each week I would take home $560 before taxes. After taxes, that is more like $460, or less than $2,000 take home pay each month…

How was I supposed to get ahead?

Rent is $1,000. I had to pay for gas to drive to and from work, I had to pay my electricity, internet and water bill. In the end, I could barely afford to go out for dinner and a drink after working hard all week at the office.

When I would look at my pay check, I would ask myself: “What type of life is this? How will I ever get ahead?”

Have you ever asked yourself that same question? When will you ever get ahead? When will you ever be able to finally save some money?

I knew I wanted to travel and explore the world. I grew up loving maps and flags from other countries and wanted to visit them all… But I was stuck barely making ends meet at a dead end job. I felt like I would never get ahead.

Luckily, one day I was on Twitter and came across ProTrader Mike (

Immediately, I knew MOJO Day Trading was the spot for me. I mean, what could be better than day trading. All I would need is some start up funds, an internet connection, and a computer, and I would be able to make my living anywhere on Earth.

Well, it was a little more complicated than that and it took a lot of practice and a few runs though MOJO University (!mojo-university/c1hvn), but eventually I was able to make my living as a MOJO ProTrader.

Finally, I was able to get ahead. I focused on my goal of adding 1%-5% ROI to my account per day. I followed ProTrader Mike’s rule of shutting it down for the day when I hit my goal. I never gave back my profits and focused on capitalizing on each and every Heinz Trade Play opportunity.

You know what happened?

After just one month, I found I was able to get ahead in life! I was finally able to save up some money… Let me tell you, watching my bank account grow week after week was the most rewarding feeling ever! I used to work all week and barely break even, but as a MOJO ProTrader I was able to save up a few hundred dollars each week, all while growing my trading account on a daily basis!

Fast forward to the present time, I just returned from spending my Thanksgiving holiday on the beach in beautiful El Salvador. I was able to fly there and treat my girlfriend to an amazing ocean front stay in an exotic land.

I always dreamed of having this type of life and now I finally have it.

Are you able to get ahead this same way working a 9-5 desk job? Maybe you are, but that was not my experience.

I tried job after job, finding that each one only led to breaking even once all my expenses were covered.

Working for the man, I never had the possibility of traveling abroad and experiencing the world, but with MOJO Day Trading, I am able to get ahead and experience the world.

The great thing about MOJO Day Trading is there are multiple ways to get ahead. You can supplement your day trading income by adding the extremely profitable swing trade newsletter

which allows many MOJO Traders to see some serious profits each week! Or, you can enroll in MOJO University and really take your trading to the next level as a MOJO ProTrader.

We are all attracted to day trading because it lets us get ahead in life. It allows us to play by our own rules, to be our own bosses, to run our own businesses and set our own hours. You can’t do that in an office, but you can do that at MOJO Day Trading. P.S. Take some time and check out how the MOJO ProTraders got ahead in life this morning, by watching the MOJO 12/1 Daily Recap Video:

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