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Doing The Double Take

How many times in your life have you seen something that you otherwise just would not believe? Something that was so incredible, so unlikely, and so out of the blue, that you had to double take, just to make sure it was real?

How often have these rare events happened to you?

Maybe it was that hole in one that you had been waiting years and years to finally get. Perhaps you finally won the big score on that scratch off lottery ticket you buy every week at the gas station. Or maybe, you finally got a royal flush at the poker table after never getting one for years of play.

Whatever it may be, we all know the feeling of seeing something so unlikely that you have to rub your eyes and look again to make sure it really happened!

Over the last 4 days, the MOJO traders partaking in the Utopia Challenge have been doing plenty of double takes.


Because since the start of the challenge in 1/29, 90% of the traders have made money each and every trading day! That’s right, over 9/10 of the traders have not lost on a single trade!



It goes to show you that MOJO Day Trading is changing the curve! We are combatting the dreaded account blow up by giving the smaller traders the education, tools, mentoring and software they need to profitably trade the market.

Just after 4 days of the challenge, it is readily apparent for all to see the overwhelming benefit of trading under the watchful eye of ProTrader Mike using the MOJO System! Though the Challenge has just begun, the future is now at MOJO Day Trading!

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P.S. Check out today's MOJO Day Trading Room Live Video Recap: On 164 trade win streak also has great example of covered call writing done on shares of GoPro in the Swing Model Portfolio.


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