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Survival Mode

How are you surviving in this market?

As you can see, the DOW is getting absolutely crushed! Needless to say, many traders are losing their shirts and busting their accounts. Any rookie traders trying to enter this market without the proper education, tools, and resources is sure to lose.

So, the question remains, how are you surviving? Are you turning a profit? Are you losing? Are you breaking even?

Chances are, if you are not trading in the MOJO Day Trading Room, you are losing.

So, what is your hedge?

Personally, my hedge, along with the MOJO Team’s, is $UVXY and Gold. This has allowed us to offset any potential losses and maintain our profitable positions.

If you are trading independently and you don’t have a hedge, there is bad news: you are in trouble. But, don’t get discouraged, there is still hope, partner.

Your hope lies in MOJO Day Trading! I am here for you, leading my team of ProTraders to hit their daily goals of 1% to 5% ROI on their accounts per day. We are also constantly hedging our trades with an extremely profitable swing trade portfolio.

So what’s the hold on? Stop bleeding money in the market and come join the MOJO Day Trading Team!

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