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What's Your Motto?

Last week in MOJO University, I asked the attending student traders to think of their ‘MOJO Motto’.

The idea behind this is for the future ProTraders to create a motivational statement that they can repeat to themselves every morning to get in the zone, focus, and execute on the process resulting in making money!

There were some amazing responses:

Personally, a few stand out to me. I really enjoy Trader Glass: “Wealthy Unstoppable Money Magnet".” Clearly, Glass has the right idea. For MOJO Traders there is no commute work and doing the 9-5 grind. MOJO ProTraders start their day at 9:00 am and are usually finished by 11:00 am. In and out like clockwork. Going along with this idea, Trader Lambert motto is: “Be Like Mike.” ProTrader Larry, I like the way he! Be you own boss, become a ProTrader!

Trader Hoff also had an excellent motto: “I’ll be better tomorrow than today and yesterday.” Nice thinking, as it is important to learn, grow, and improve every day, especially when it comes to day trading.

My personal favorite was the motto created by Trader Singh: “Plan. Execute. Profit. Leave.” I think this is awesome advice and directly in line with what we are trying to do here at MOJO Day Trading. MOJO University traders are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to beat the market, I lay out the plan and when the bell rings and the trading begins, MOJO ProTraders execute flawless trades. Once MOJO Traders hit their daily goal, 18/20 days in less than 60 minutes, we are gone, done, see you later. No need to stick around, now that's a serious Business, man!!

Here is a typical day for you as a MOJO trader...

We are done trading by 11:00 am and we go on with our days. MOJO ProTraders don’t chase profits, anybody who has taken MOJO University would know at about 10:30 or 11:00 am MOJO Wave Theory kicks in and it is time to shut it down for the day.

What MOJO Motto can you think of? Mine is = I am the worlds greatest trader, I kick the markets ass every single day!!

Every day is important and when treated like a business this can be an outcome. Hmmmm... what car will I drive to the office today?

Now the smart way to be a so called "day trader" is to be able to stop trading and shut it down. Enjoy the day. Go for a drive in your ride, have a nice lunch, hit the gym, head off to the beach or golf course. Whatever you enjoy doing, go do it. You don’t want to be sitting on the computer all day trying to to make more, it just does not work. If you do, you are sure to lose more than you win more. See you on the road....Best ProTrader Mike


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