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At MOJO Day Trading, we have perfected the art of trading the opening bell. Almost every day, The MOJO Team's most profitable trades are made right at the opening bell. We look for high probability trades and profiting a few times a day is enough for your business to grow by leaps and bounds as the days add up.

Today was no different and a perfect example of how MOJO trades the open of the market, check out "The Show Me $$$$ results from only 8 minutes into the trading day:

That’s right, we got the MOJO! I was putting on a clinic today! ProTraders were raking in the cash!

Easy money in the MOJO Day Trading Room, today we absolutely nailed trades of $LEI $AVXL!

Take a look at the impressive poll results from this morning:

MOJO is worldwide as trading can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and some $$$$. This image shows the profile of the MOJO Room location wise, pretty cool.

Finally, take a look at the final show me the money results, which I called for at 11:04 am, only 90 minutes into the trading day. That is what I call a profitable and efficient business!

Major congratulations to ProTrader Alan, recording a $5,581 & ProTrader Hall $960 with shout out to all the other traders profit :)

What a day, what a week! The MOJO Room has been on fire and it does not look like this flame is going out anytime soon. When you have a minute tonight, spend some time on YouTube watching the day’s stock show, great episode.

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