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The Mojo Day Trade Room is changing it's business hours. Due to the demand for MONEY and the profits available in the pre-market and after-hours trading sessions the Mojo Day Trade Room will be opening from 8:00am to trad the pre-market until 9:30am. The Mojo will trade the Regular hours session until 4:00pm. Then the After-hours session starts and ends at 8:00pm. Just today the first trade in After hours for the team was $UVXY from under $9.70 to $9.90 on the close and in After hours. $GEVO is also moving strong from $.65 to $.75 in after hours. Yesterday, I traded RLYP and in just a few minutes made over 1 point. See Images...the market closes it's $18.00 and in after hours shoots to $21.00 - nice money made!!

Take a look at today's Big Announcement

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