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$44,645 Trading Tornado Brexit

Hey it was just 2 days before the actual storm and the market gods must have been reading my blog. I was talking about preparing for a tornado twister that would send the market into a spin and it sure did. Left a path of destruction in its wake.

Friday was historic with the Brexit trading day. Markets got smashed down 700 points as the roller coaster continues. Monday should be more of the same so come trade with MOJO. Long term investors with that buy and hold out with the dinosaurs and will soon become extinct. Where does that leave you?

Actually in a good spot to take control of your own $$$$ and start compounding it with profits after profits by following ProTrader Mike's picks.

At the open on Friday NUGT was up 24 points and JDST was down 31/2 points to $9.70 range. See the stock just split so on a split basis it's $.90 cents and last time NUGT was at hight of $120 the JDST was $12.00 to $14.00 = $1.20 to $1.40. We played that stock really strong and MOJO went long 20,000 shares around $8.00 and sold it in 10 minutes above $9.00. Then traded it 2 more times for a grand total profit of $37,180. Then went on to trade UVXY both long and short (which I rarely do but was so easy) made another $7000 and to top it off DGAZ with another $540 = GRAND TOTAL $44,645 for the day!!

I can teach you how to trade like this and take control of your own destiny. First step is to Join my team then get enrolled in the next class of MOJO University and take your trading game to a whole new level and put yourself in a world you always wanted and do deserve.

ProTrader Mike has made it easy for you to try out the MOJO Day Trading Trade Room and Learn the Day Trading Style. This is a (30) Thirty Day Trial Subscription that lasts for (1) Month at Special Rate of 50% OFF.

This is a $49.00 trial subscription to try the service for 30 days, and can be used for both day and swing trading subscriptions. Then the subscription rate goes to the regular monthly rate of $99.00/month (all done thru Pay Pal).

Also, as token of MOJO’s appreciation you will also get the MOJO University - Level 2 Day Trading Educational Series Video. This is a $49.00 Value Added Bonus. Basically you're getting the first month for $0, so kick start your trading career, you won’t be sorry you did.

Sign Up with Pay Pal, it's all controlled by you. Once MOJO gets confirmation of your subscription you will receive a Welcome email with full instructions. Click the Link Here, To Get Started Today!

Watch Friday MOJO Live Stock Trading Show Here..has the awesome JDST & UVXY trades there all LIVE!!


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