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Don't worry there is still time left to get your stock business in order. Last week’s volatile market showed it's face for first time in a while. Since 1928 the month of September has been the worst performing month of the year. You know what they say "history repeats itself" and I am not someone to buck the trend.

As the year is quickly going to be ending, it is time to ask yourself: “Have you performed as well as you planned in 2016?”

Did your plan play out as expected?

If so great if not not so great. The greats MOJO can make you better and the not so greats MOJO can teach you to win.

How are you planning to end the last Quarter of 2016?

Same as first 3 Q's?

There has never been a better time to join MOJO Day Trading. As a MOJO ProTrader, you will not only be equipped with the education and tools necessary to beat the stock market, but you will also benefit from trading daily with a mentor, coach and caddy who has 20+ years’ experience trading and beating the stock market!

Which of these two options gives yourself the best opportunity to dominate the stock market for the rest of 2016? 1. Trading on your own with no team, no coach, no mentor. 2. Trading with a team of 100+ ProTraders with one of the elite Day Trading coaches in the industry.

The answer is so obvious that it jumps off the screen at you.

The best way to make day trading your business in 2016 is as a MOJO ProTrader. With MOJO, you will have a winning team and the best coach on your side. You will have detailed process and outcome goals, and will be held accountable daily to your trading goals and business plan.

Did you know ProTrader Alan is on a winning streak since November of 2014 and it's now coming into November of 2016. He was a MOJO graduate over 4 years ago and still makes money each day in the chat room. Way to go Alan!

If you think you can handle the volatility and variance of this crazy market on your own, best of luck to you. Did you know over the course of a year you will make over 1000 trades. How well are you going to perform? Do you know what the outcomes are like every 1000 trades? If not then you need to schooling because most likely your getting schooled.

Think about this - try to become a Pro Golfer and compete against Dustin Johnson, Ricky Fowler, Patrick Reed...

You cannot so you would travel to Miami and go to the Jim Mclean Golf School or go to Orlando and spend some time with David Leadbetter Golf Acamedy. Imagine going there thinking you "have game" LOL, and not taking any lessons from the best of the would be crazy!!! Well same holds here in trading - how can you think about day trading for a living and not get properly schooled with MOJO University or the Day Trading School by ProTrader Mike (me)

The MOJO Team will be celebrating the new year knowing that 2016 was the Year of the MOJO!

If ending 2016 on the MOJO Team sounds like something you would be interested in, make sure to join us Friday and morning for the MOJO Free Chat Friday.

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