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What's Your Motto & Trading Day Like?

This past Thursday night 8pm to 10pm I held class MOJO University. After the homework assignment all the students had to come back with their trading motto's.

The idea behind this is for the future ProTraders to create a motivational statement that they can repeat to themselves every morning to get in the zone, focus, and execute on the process resulting in making money!

There were some amazing responses:

Personally, a few stand out to me. I really enjoy Trader Gary: 1) Honor the pillars, or trades will be account killers.

2) Follow the plan, or my account's in the can.

3) Snappin' necks, cashin' checks.

Going along with this idea, ProTrader Klopp motto is: “I am a badass market assassin trained by Master Mojo. I fear not the market as I am the hand that wields it. I am a lethal trading machine using stealth to stalk it. From the shadows I distract it, exploit it’s weakness and Kick its Motha F%#$ *& A$$ every day!” ProTrader PSI, Make my trading account my ATM

ProTrader Bama also had an excellent motto: “make 1K then enjoy the rest of the day”!!

Mine is I am a "DGF MFH SFT SAS HTM I kick the markets ass every day"

MOJO University.

Here is a typical day for you as a MOJO trader...

Out of the 20 days each month traders are typically done trading by 11:00 am and we go on with our days. MOJO ProTraders don’t chase profits, anybody who has taken MOJO University would know at about 10:30 or 11:00 am MOJO Wave Theory kicks in and it is time to shut it down for the day.

What MOJO Motto can you think of? Mine is = DGF MFH SFT SAS HTM I kick the markets ass every day"!!

Every day is important and when treated like a business this can be an outcome. Hmmmm... what car will I drive to the office today?

Now the smart way to be a so called "day trader" is to be able to stop trading and shut it down. Enjoy the day. Go for a drive in your ride, have a nice lunch, hit the gym, head off to the beach or golf course. Whatever you enjoy doing, go do it. You don’t want to be sitting on the computer all day trying to to make more, it just does not work. If you do, you are sure to lose more than you win more. See you on the road....Best ProTrader Mike


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