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The Perks of Being Your Own Boss

Meet ProTrader Joe - I remember in 2012 I had just graduated from college and had my first “real” job. I was doing low level customer service and data entry for a prominent financial institution. It was mind numbing, low paying and thankless work. What sticks out to me most about this whole experience was how little freedom I truly had. If I was 5 minutes late due to heavy Philadelphia traffic, I would be reprimanded. If I needed to leave 15 minutes early to make a doctor’s appointment, I needed to seek written approval from my supervisor. Worst of all, the company showed my personal life absolutely no respect. I was made to work on Christmas Eve, the day after Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Essentially, my holiday season was ruined by commitments to a job that paid me $14 an hour.

Looking back, I laugh at this experience. I am actually thankful it happened, because it taught me the about the realities of the real world. It opened my eyes to the fact that the company you work for sees you as a number, rather than a person. They don’t care if you get to go visit your parents on Christmas, they would rather have you sitting in your cubicle working. They didn’t even give me a holiday bonus. Having this experience has really allowed me to appreciate the freedom and lifestyle independence I now enjoy as a professional day trader. I know both sides of the track and in this scenario, I can assure you that the grass is, in fact, much greener on the other side!

Now, I am my own boss and my own man. I don’t need to ask permission for an early dismissal or a day off. I make my own rules and am accountable to only one man, myself. If I want to sleep in and miss the day of trading, I am allowed. If I want to take a week off to fly to visit my parents, I am allowed. I am 100% responsible for my own decisions and actions and as such, I am 100% accountable for these choices. My life is truly in my own hands. I am free to set my path, make my own adventure, and command my own journey.

So, I have decided to take a few days off from trading, I am planning to meet up with an old friend in Miami. We will probably catch up over a nice dinner, have some drinks, play some golf, lay by the pool, and of course enjoy a few beach parties. It promises to be a very memorable weekend!

I can’t wait to celebrate in South Beach, Miami!

That is what dreams are made of, after all.

How am I able to do this? Well, I have been grinding hard. I am in the MOJO Day Trading Room every morning at 9:30am focused and ready to go. I know I said earlier I could sleep in and take a day off any time I want. But you know what? I don’t want to do that. I am in the MOJO Day Trading Room because it is what I want to do. I want this opportunity. I want to make this money and grow my account. I understand the power of obtaining wealth and assets at a young age, so I am not going to sit on the sidelines and sleep in while that opportunity passes me by. I took MOJO University Courses, I studied the recasts. Heck, I still go back and watch MOJO U and the daily recaps every chance I get! This is my business, so I am doing everything in my power to grow and develop my skills as a trader.

So far, it is going amazingly well. The skills and competencies I developed in MOJO U are really showing. I have not had a losing trading day in over 3 months. While not every day is a money making extravaganza, there are usually 2-4 big days every month where I really cash in. The other days, I am focused on adding 1%-5% to my account, as should be the goal of every MOJO ProTrader. I am sticking to the plan and staying on the reservation.

I am really looking forward to this break and vacation. I have not had an extended time off since I got back from Thailand in December. I love to travel and experience the world, it was why I became a day trader in the first place, so it is time I take advantage of my opportunities and enjoy my wealth a little. I have worked hard to get in this position, so the cool ocean breeze is going to feel that much better this weekend.

Moving forward, I think I am making a new goal for myself. If I trade profitably for three months in a row, I will take a trip. I will treat myself to a weekend stay at a nice resort, or take a trip and play some golf with my buddies. Whatever it is that I want to do, I am going to do it. If I put in the work, stick to the plan, save my money, and trade profitably, I deserve it. That is why we all wanted to be in this industry, right? So if we want to take some personal time, we can. So if we want to take a long lunch break to meet up with a friend, we can. So if we want to stay out late taking a beautiful girl on a date, we can.

Day trading is the ultimate freedom, but you have to know how to use it. I suggest you listen carefully to ProTrader Mike and learn from his example. Trust me when I say this, he could be off traveling the globe, enjoying the best restaurants and golf courses the world has to offer, but he is in the MOJO Day Trading Room every morning, just like you and I. He is driven, focused, and ambitious. I learned from this and plan to continue to use this as an example for myself. We all should. It is so important that we stay driven and focused, so that our dreams can truly become reality. Take it easy - ProTrader Joe

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