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Tuition Rebate Program

Get Your Trading Education Paid For With The Tuition Rebate Program

MOJO University produces some of the best retail day traders in the industry, and Cobra Trading agrees! ProTraders that graduate MOJO University tend to become lifetime traders — which is a dream come true for brokers. That’s why Cobra Trading wants to pay for your trading education. They want you to succeed and are willing to pay for it.

Introducing The Cobra Trading Tuition Rebate Program:

Through an exclusive offer and partnership with Cobra Trading, you can now save up to 25% on your commissions toward your purchase of the following products:

• MOJO Day Trading Room Annual Membership

• MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter Annual Membership

• MOJO University Online Courses

• MOJO Masters Course

To qualify for this program, you must open a new account with any of the approved firms:

After finishing the courses send copy of pay pal receipt to the firm and you will get up to 25% commission rebate on that product until the full purchase price has been rebated to you. WOW, what an incredible offer! By taking part in this program you get many extras!

Nowadays, many firms out there charge a pretty penny for commissions. Someone looking to day trade stocks can expect to pay about $8.00 per trade with the average firm. Of course, this includes both ways, the buy and the sell, so closing out your position would actually end up running you about $16.00. Obviously this structure would be too pricey for traders who want to “scale-in”, which leaves the option of buying all shares at one price and then selling them at one price, just to save on commissions. What most people don’t know, though, is that firms pay SIGNIFICANTLY less out of their pocket to provide these trading and order routing services.

MOJO Day Trading has negotiated a Special Rate just for traders that go thru The MOJO Day Trading & Trading Tuition Rebate Program.

For more information on The MOJO University Trading Tuition Rebate Program

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