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Everybody deals with distractions, they are an unavoidable part of life. Whether it be your wife, kids, friends, TV, boss or dog, it’s impossible to get through a single day without distractions creeping up on you and taking away from your focus.

One of the main issues faced by day traders is distractions. Let’s be honest, the freedom that comes with day trading for a living allows for a lifestyle full of distractions. You not only have to deal with setting your own schedule and hours, you also have to be responsible enough to be answerable to yourself for your actions. If you get distracted on Thursday night and stay out all night drinking at the bar, guess what? Your trading is going to drastically suffer Friday morning. You won’t be as focused and clear minded, and as such, you’re going to miss out on opportunities to profit.


Distractions pull you away from your game plan. They take away from your focus and patience, and make it many times more likely that you will make a silly mistake that will cost you money.

Think about it, who is more likely to make a crucial error while trading: A lone wolf trader messing around on social media while casually watching stocks, or a completely focused and prepared MOJO ProTrader?

The answer is obvious. MOJO ProTraders do not make mindless mistakes. A distracted trader is a losing trader, so MOJO ProTraders are always focused and ready. They utilize their selective attention and skills learned in MOJO University day in and day out. Hey, it's not about any one trade, one day, one week, one month or one year. It's a marathon for your lifetime. Do you have a business plan for that HUGE move?

Day trading is your business, so why would you allow silly distractions to take away from your bottom line? No plan, really?

Watch me trade LIVE today

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